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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

can you get rich from writing online?

I have asked myself this question time and time again! Can anyone really get rich from writing online? Well I think it is possible, although I am not fully aware of any one person's particular earnings, I know that it is possible if you really put the work in. Many bloggers and many content writers have made a substantial income from this, but it does take hard work, Just like anything it takes a lot of time and effort, it also takes experience and research. I am far from experienced but I am learning every day, so everything I learn I will be teaching you. I will be documenting every move I make in this online writing game and so make sure you all keep track of my adventures.

How do you earn money writing online?

This is the question, there are a few ways actually

  • Blogging- you can set up your very own blog like this one sign up with google adsense and that is it! However that is not it you must produce good quality content, or at least content that makes people want to come back and read it once in a while and maybe click on an advert or 2.

  • Content writing for third party sites

You can sign up with certain sites such as http://www.xomba.com/ or http://www.triond.com/ you can write about virtually anything, promote your work online and earn money. With Triond you earn from the amount views you get and recently they have added an adsense element to the site where you can earn money if people click on the adsense adverts in your articles. You get paid through paypal and if you really put the work in with Triond you can make alot of money. With Xomba you can really begin to make a passive income if you add a large body of work and keep on promoting it. Xomba uses Google adsense only, you don't get paid for the number of views but the Xomba community is very friendly and if you get well known you can really make a good amount of money. I am personally only working on these two sites but there are so many other websites whereby you can make some extra money by writing articles.

  • Writing music reviews

One of the only sites I have seen that you can make money from writing music reviews, is a website called http://www.slicethepie.com/ I know there are others but this seems to be the best one, you basically sign up for free and start writing reviews, you have to have a paypal account in order to get paid but again if you put the work in you could make a little bit of extra money. The only thing with slice the pie is that you don't start earning money straight away, it works on ratings basis, so if yor are one star you won't get paid for your reviews but once you reace 2 stars you will start earning 5pence per review and it goes all the way up to 10 pence per review. If you a couple of hours in the evenings then you could really make some decent extra money.

  • Writing for online magazines and other peoples blogs

One of the best places to find writing work is http://www.craiglist.com/ all you need to do is sign up for free and browse the writing adverts, bloggers and website owners alike put adverts on these sites for new writers. Some of them pay well and some of them pay peanuts but you can still find some good work on here. Another thing you can do on craiglist is advertise your services as a writer, however make sure you have a good writing portfolio. You can also e mail blog owners and website owners to ask them if they have any writing work available.

I will be keeping you updated with all the new and interesting writing projects I find to make money online. Any tips I discover I will no doubt share with all of you!

In the beginning

Hey all! As you know now, I am a writer this is my first post here and I am happy to share my experiences with you. I have been busy writing offline for magazines and newsletters and I have decided to go full steam ahead with writing online. I plan on becoming a millionaire from it and I know that if I put the work in I can do it. Many people may be sceptical but I don't care because I have already started seeing results from the little I have done.

Where did it all start for me? Well it all started in 1998 when I decided that I wanted to be writer, I went to university and studied Politics and Philosophy. Upon graduation I went into Political Consultancy which I did not enjoy but hey we live and we learn right? I then decided in 2003 to persue my dream and start writing, I put all my time and energy into it and eventually I got some pieces in the local newspaper and the rest is history. I have made some good money from it, some fantastic money in fact, however about a year ago I was browsing online and saw a website called Triond. The website claimed that all you needed to do was submit content on pretty much any topic and upon approval you can begin earning money, the more people that view your work the better. I had this dream then that I was going to be rich from this alone. However my dreams were soon dashed when I realised that this just was not going to happen, I was making a few cents a week if that. I did that for a few months and then I am ashamed to say I just gave up with it and carried on doing offline stuff and continuing to make money from that.

I then decided to start my first blog which was like a music style online magazine
http://www.intriguemagazineissue4.blogspot.com I was promoting it on myspace and on various other websites but not getting anything from it at all, so I kind of gave up on that as well. I started to think this whole adsense thing was a load of rubbish! Anyway in the meantime I am still writing offline and making money from that but I am not getting rich, doing very well but not getting rich! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! Then one day I decided to get back on Triond, I started posting articles up and low and behold I started seeing money daily not just weekly. I cracked it, I found the right subject for me and I was off. Another revelation came to me when I was going through the community and checking out different membes and I came across a lady called Althea who seemed to be doing really well with it. I looked at her blog and she recommended a website called Xomba http://www.xomba.com it was similar to Triond but far better well in my opinion anyway(find out more about Xomba with my Xomba review) Low and behold in the first couple of days I started seeing earnings in my adsense account, I must admit I put the work in the first couple of days but I was seeing the earnings, my hard work was actually paying off and I was slowly seeing something that looked like it could build into a steady residual income for myself. Wow Xomba Xomba Xomba I am loving it ! Now I am just not looking back! Join me on my journey and watch my rise rise and still I rise!