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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Become a Content Writing Millionaire!

Okay, so I have touched upon this so many times now, I have been met with opposition about it. I have also met people who have managed to achieve this goal. I am always asking this question, is it possible to become a content writing millionaire. My answer to that question is a confident, and full of self belief YES! 

I had to put it in red because I mean it! Well, I have been writing for 10 years now. I have done a lot freelance writing for newspapers, magazines, online content ( I am still doing all of these) I am no embarking on a bigger journey, I am creating well not just me, my company Intrigue Media. We are creating a whole barrage of websites with informative, well written content. I am so excited about this and I know it is only going to create an even bigger income stream for me and the company as a whole. Anyway, I am kind of back tracking here. The topic of this post is, "Become a content writing millionaire." You can do it! Everyone can do it, when I say become a content writing millionaire. I am not just talking about writing for content farms and writing for revenue share websites. I am actually talking about creating your own content based empire, something like Demand Media or Hello Beautiful. You don't have to be an expert, you don't have to have a degree in English from a top university. You just have to have the self belief that is necessary to achieve your goals. Here are a few ideas....check them out! 

Create Your Own Killer Sites 
You can go down the route of creating your own killer sites and monetizing them with affiliate marketing links. Create your own ebook and sell it on your site. Advertising, selling your services and advertising. If you learn how to create your own killer sites, with killer content and you promote it properly. It is totally possible to become a content writing millionaire. You probably think, okay she is making it sound really simple! Well, it is not simple and I will never say it is simple. Because nothing is ever going to be simple where a million dollars is concerned. However, although it is not simple, it is possible. If you want to find out about making some serious money writing online by creating your own sites. Head on over to the Keyword Academy . Here you can learn how to make a killer income creating niche websites. Creating golden content and promoting them in the right way for maximum results. There is serious, serious money to be made! 

Writing for Revenue Share Sites
Writing for revenue share sites, you might not become a millionaire from writing for these sites alone. However, you can use them to promote your own sites and services. At the same time you will be earning money from the advertising revenues. Take a look at a few of my articles on Hubpages, I have only just got back on there, and to be honest I love it. Out of all the revenue share sites I have worked on, this is by far the best. I have earned the most on here, some people might beg to differ. However, I believe that you can make a serious income on here if you put your mind to it. The key to making money on Hubpages is: 

If you want to generate an income from revenue share websites check out these sites too. 

There are loads more, my next piece is going to be an extensive list of revenue share websites. Stay tuned for that! 

Become a Writing Agency 
If you really want to see the big bucks! Become a writing agency! Set up your own writing agency online. It is pretty quick and easy! 

  • Set up a basic website explaining your content creation services 
  • Build a small portfolio of your work (once you get new writers you can include their writing work too) 
  • Start looking for work on Odesk.com  and Elance.com http://www.elance.com
  • Look for writers through Craiglist, and Odesk and Elance.   
  • The more work you get, the more writers you need. 
  • Promote your service on FB and Twitter 
  • Contact SEO companies and ask them if they need writers 
  • Contact other copywriting companies and ask them if they need writers 
  • Engage with the writing community 
  • Set up a Facebook page for your company 
  • Find clients offline by handing out flyers and business cards 
  • Find clients at networking events both offline and online
Good luck you could see your business grow very fast if you put the work and effort in! I have two friends who have made millions doing just this! So, yes you can become a content writing millionaire if you put the tie and effort in. The amount of money you make will be directly proportional to how much effort you actually put into it. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's All About the Hard Work!

I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday and she said to me, "things seem to be going really well with your business, how do you do it? What is the secret? I replied "There is no real secret, well the only thing I can say is you have to work really hard to achieve your goals" There is no substitute for it, you have to work crazy hard, and sometimes lose sleep! It really is that simple, like for example, last night I was up all night, I had a bit too much to drink too and this morning I feel kind of rough. I feel like I would rather curl up and sleep, with the duvet over my head. I don't feel like seeing any kind of light whatsoever, but you know I am here in the library working. My friend told me I am crazy, I told her that this is what separates winners from losers! Hard work, and dedication. No matter what, you are always working, while someone else is doing something else. You are working, if you keep working and you keep pushing and you keep doing something that will get you closer to your goal every day. No doubt you will get there, so the bottom line is this, you have to keep working.

If you want to be a successful writer, and make money from writing online or offline, you have to keep up the hard work. Sometimes you do have to drink a gallon of coffee whilst doing it, I actually hate coffee but sometimes I kind of have to drink it. Sometimes I have to hold my nose and drink drink drink, even if I don't feel like it. Why? Because, hard work pays off once again. Gosh I am crazy tired! I am going to keep pushing though, I know so many successful writers and they tell me the same thing that they have never worked so hard in their lives. There is no substitute for hard work, you just have to get on with it, attack it! Things you may be afraid of doing, just get on with it. Even, if it is outside your comfort zone. Just make it work! Right, I have so much work to do some I am going to get on with it.

Keep the faith and keep working hard.  Oh, and before I forget, for daily inspiration go here: Big Somnium This is another one of my company Intrigue Media Group's sites.

Thanks again

Edina Jackson

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writing Through Depression


I have been away for while, well technically I have still been here but I have been so busy with a lot of things. For example, my book is now out and so I have a lot to do at the moment. I am also working on several other blogs and websites as part of my company, Intrigue Media Group. So, as you can imagine I have a lot of things on at the moment. Anyway, the purpose of this post is to talk about writing through depression.  I wanted to talk about it because I have been experiencing depression in some form for the past few years. It kind of went away, well it never really goes away but it calmed down for a while.It came back a few months ago, it was triggered by a family problem. Anyway I am not going to get into the family problem, but I have a had a lot going on, the darkness came back.

Anyway, one thing I have learnt over the years is, one of the best ways of alleviating the symptoms of depression is to talk about or, to write about it. Write about how I feel, it is almost cathartic, if you know what I mean.  I have found that it gives me peace, also creating a routine for myself, gives me focus.  Reminds me every day to stay on track and just get on with it. Being depressed is far from easy, but once you establish a routine for yourself and create ways of improving your mood on a daily basis, you will find that things do get better. Right now, even though things are kind of hard with all the issues that are going on, I have found that writing has helped me to get through the dark days. I watched this film called Gifted Hands a while ago, and the mother in the film was severely depressed. She called it a darkness that she could not control, I can understand this, because sometimes I feel the same way. Sometimes I wake up and I can feel that I am in a dark mood. I so tired, and so low that I just can't get out of bed. I have to drag myself out of bed sometimes, force myself to get up. It can be hard but you know, once I get out of bed, do my workout, get my son ready and get myself ready. I feel better, I usually do some writing when my son goes to bed for the afternoon, once I pick up a pen or turn on my laptop I feel an instant relief. I feel better, happier, stronger.

I have spoken to a couple of people who have suffered the same thing, I told them to write. Even if you don't make your living from writing you can still write. Write, write, write and write, trust me you will feel better for it. Write until you feel like you can't write anymore, write until you feel like you have emptied your mind of all the thoughts that you had stored in there. Just write and write, I have been writing since I could pick up a pen, and to be honest I think it has been my remedy for most of my life. I have only been making a living from writing for the past four years but it has always been my calling. It has always been something that I was born to do.

Okay, so now I have managed to get back to writing this blog, I am going to be doing it a lot more from now on. Please add me on Twitter @writingthedream and take a look at my book website http://www.edinajackson.co.uk. I have so many things going on right now including new websites and online magazines for my company, more book promo and more books coming out this year and next year. So, it is safe to say I have a lot to do to keep me busy.

Happy writing people, and keep your dreams alive. Never give up.  Oh, and for daily inspiration go to one of Intrigue Media Groups http://www.big-somnium.com