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Friday, December 31, 2010

Set your Writing Goals for 2011

2011 is nearly upon us! Well by the time you read this it will probably be 2011! So now is the time to set your writing goals for the up and coming year. I have already set mine and I have a mammoth task ahead of me. I know I will get it done with the power of positive thinking and determination. I will be getting everything I have planned to get done for 2011 done. So what about you? What are your writing plans for 2011? Do you hope to have a book published? Do you hope to get published in a newspaper or magazine? Do you hope to gain credibility as a freelance writer? What are your goals?

Don't set unrealistic goals

Why do I say that? Because when you set yourself goals that are too high you become lazy. I am not saying there is anything that is impossible for you to achieve. What I am saying is that when you say something like, in two weeks time I want to be published in the New York Times. If you have had no writing experience and you are just a beginner with no writing published anywhere that is unrealistic. If you say by the end of 2012 I hope to have gained enough experience to be able to get published in the New York Times then I will say that is unrealistic. So if you have never written anything and had it published before, well now is the time for you to start setting yourself goals. You might want to start looking for a small home based writing course to take. If you are a creative writer, start writing the first chapter of your book if that is what you want. Set yourself short and long term goals.

Write everything down

I am a sucker for writing lists. Some people think I am OCD because of it, but writing things down can really help you visualise your goals. I have achieved so much using this method. So get your pen and paper out and start writing a list of things you want to achieve for 2011. Start as you mean to go on and give 2011 a whole new lease of life. Do you want to get to the end of the year and realise that everything you have set for yourself has not come to pass. That is the worst feeling, getting to the end of the year and still being in the same old place. So this next year strive to achieve your goals.

Change the way you think

Now is the time for you to change the way you think. When I say that I mean if you have ever had a negative attitude. If you have ever felt like you can't achieve all you want then you have to start changing the way you think. Start thinking positive. Start thinking that nothing is beyond you. You have the power within yourself to achieve anything that you put your mind to. You have the power within you to get what you want out of life.

Now is the time to start thinking positive and changing your life for the better. keep writing and enjoying life. Keep the faith and happy new year! xxxx

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Earn Money from your blog with Kontera

Hello ladies and gents. I know most people who have a blog or website use Google Adsense to make money. I don't because after months of working hard and accumulating a lot of revenue Google decided to cancel my account saying that there was unnatural click activity on there and they took my money. So I no longer use them anymore. I am now using another site called Kontera which I am finding to be really good. They provide in text advertising, which basically means they scan your content for certain keywords and add links relating to those keywords. I have a few links on my blog but not many. If you notice most of the well known blogs use in text advertising, and I have spoken to a few people who have made more money with Kontera than with any other ppc program.

From what I have seen so far with Kontera I think it is really good and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to make money from their blog or website. I know it can be frustrating when you are trying to make money with your blog but trust me it is possible to make a living with your blog or website you just have to keep working hard at it and you will start seeing revenues little by little.

Anyway if you would like to sign up to Kontera then here is the link. Kontera Happy Money Making and please do let me know how you go with it.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will Smith Could Help you Achieve your Writing Goals

Hey readers! Today my sister sent me a video link with Will Smith talking about positive thinking. I have always known Will Smith was into the secret and various other positive thinking strategies. However; I actually did not think he was such an inspirational person. Will Smith might be an actor and a rapper and whatever else, but and this is a big but. He can teach you something, he can teach all of us something. You can learn how to become the best writer you can be from Will Smith. I will tell you why.

You have the power

Will Smith believes that we all have the power to change the way we live. We all have the power to live the life we want to live. If you want to be a best selling author, it is within your reach. You just have to believe it, you have to live it, you have to think it. If you don't believe that you have the power to shape your life then, guess what. You won't shape your life, the power is within you! Believe in the power of you! Do you understand what I mean? Henry Thomas Hamblin wrote a book in the early 1920's called, Within You is the Power. He believed that we all have an abundance of power within us, and it is up to us to unlock it. This is a notion that has been around for a long time, however some people just don't know how to tap into their own powers. When I talk about powers, I am not talking about magic, I am talking about the power of self belief. The power that connects us to a higher being, some may say that higher being is God, depends on what you believe in. However, that power that lies within us is a higher being, a spirit that can push us to achieve great things. You can live how you want to live. If you want a billion dollars, well it is written in the stars if you believe it is written in the stars. One thing you need to know is this, you have to help yourself. You can't sit down one day and have a thought and expect that thought to manifest itself. Just because you have a thought and you think I am going to be a millionaire, does not mean you will be. You want to be a millionaire so what are you going to do about it? If you want to be a millionaire well you have to believe it and work for it. So the two things you need to do are: Think positive and act upon those positive thoughts.

Never give up

Will Smith said something about the two keys to life are "Running and Reading." If you said that to anyone they would probably be baffled. What Will Smith is trying to say is that if you can run and continue to run even if your body is telling you to stop then you can overcome anything. This not giving up. If you have a problem no matter what it is, you can overcome it by reading. Every problem that has ever arisen in your life has happened to someone else before you. Therefore, if you read and fill your mind with knowledge and infinite wisdom you can overcome anything.

So how can Will Smith teach help you to achieve your writing goals? Well no matter what your goals are, the principle that you should never give up and believe in your self wholeheartedly can help you to get wherever you want to get in life. If your writing goals are to be published in the New York Times then get working on your goals. Work work work and work. Believe in the power of hard work.

Monday, December 27, 2010

What Writers Can Learn from Michael Jackson

I have always been a massive fan of Michael Jackson, this is no secret. In my eyes the man was and still is a genius. I don't want to get into the whole Michael Jackson crazed fan thing, but what I do want to say is this, if you are writer, you can learn a lot from this man. I shall tell you why, Michael Jackson Believed in the power of hard work. Michael Jackson believed in perfecting his craft. He believed that anything you set your mind to, you can achieve it. If you don't believe these principles, you will never become a great writer. He also believed in the rehearsals before the showdown. What do I mean by this?

Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse some more!

Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. This is also something that was not a secret. He was such a perfectionist that some days he would dance for 18 hours straight. He wanted to get it right, he always used to say, if you are going to do something that you have to do it right. Therefore, if you are going to be a writer, if you want to be the best writer, you have to do the same thing. You have to do it right, keep on practicing. Never give up and never stop believing. I only realised that I wanted to make a living from writing a few years ago. Before then I was involved in PR and before that I was heavily involved in politics. I then got into Political copywriting, which is something I still do now as part of my business. I have been learning and learning and absorbing everything for a while now, that was the rehearsal, the dress rehearsal is now. I am always learning and growing and changing. The point I am making is, we are always rehearsing. Just keep on practicing your skill and don't stop.

Stay Positive

If you want to get to the top and reach the top of your game. You have to stay positive. What is the point of doing something and believing in your head that nothing is going to come of it? What is the point in struggling to achieve something and not having the right attitude? What is the point? I always say this, if you are not going to go hard then stop doing it. If you are not going to keep on working to the best of your ability then stop doing it. It actually really gets on my nerves when I talk to people who are so negative, people who don't seem to want to work hard to get what they want. People who just say oh well I am broke, I am always going to be broke. People who complain and moan about their situation and who are just not prepared to do anything to get themselves out of that situation. There is nothing that you cannot achieve. Nothing that human mind cannot do. If you can think of it, then you can without a shadow of a doubt make it happen. My positive attitude about things comes from my father. He gave me a book when I was just nine years old called "The power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. I will never forget this book, because to this day, I still refer back to it. If you believe with all your hear that your life can change and that your dreams can come true then it is written in the stars. The only thing you have to do is work for it and believe at the same time. If you work for it but you don't believe, then chances are you will stumble and fall.

Plan Plan Plan

If you know what you want to achieve and you know where you want to go then you have to plan it. If you have no plan, then you have no direction. If you have no direction then you are aimlessly plodding along. If you are aimlessly plodding along then, you are going nowhere. What is the point of going nowhere? I think it is pointless so I am sure you do too. If you are going nowhere then there is nothing to strive for. If you want something then you have to strive for it. So what is your goal? What are your dreams? Do you want to be the next bestselling author? Do you want to have your name in lights? Do you want to get published in the New York Times? Well if that is what you want then, believe it and go for it. There are so many things that I still want. I have just scratched the surface. My vision board is still full of things that still have not been achieved. My list of life goals are still there, well some of them have been achieved but to be honest most of them have not been achieved yet. I don't want to die and wish I achieved. If you look at the Michael Jackson, he died but he had achieved all his professional goals. I am not sure what else he wanted to achieve. Maybe he wanted to top Thriller, but he didn't have to, he had nothing else to prove.

Make it your mission in life to die with nothing else left to prove. Keep striving for your goals every day and keep working hard because one day your dreams can and will come true.

Keep the faith.

Tomorrow our seeds will grow all we need is dedication.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Article Writing - Get Yourself Organized!

That’s great – so you get the main draft down, tweaking it until you can’t do any more with it. Now what’s next, you may be asking? How do I get my article onto the web? If it’s your first attempt at submitting to an ezine directory, here are some pointers which can help make the whole thing easier.

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up as an author to the directory of your choice before you can submit anything. Sign-ups are free and only take a couple of minutes to complete. You’ll need a valid email address and a username. There’s the option to supply further details on a Profile page, so that your potential readers can get to know you a little better. You can usually upload a photograph of yourself too, if you want. You may need to supply a pen name, but you can stick to your name if you prefer.

Once you’ve signed up and have received a confirmation email from the directory, you’re free to start submitting those articles. Before you head straight to the submissions page, I’ve found that organizing my articles and anything relevant to them saves time and frustration, so here’s my strategy for hassle free article submissions:

• Check out the author’s submission guidelines. Each directory has its own rules on article length, layout etc and you’ll need to ensure you adhere to these if you don’t want to receive a rejection email! Most directories like articles to have a word count of around 400 but some will accept as low as 250

• Once you’ve read the guidelines thoroughly, you can type your article up into Word (or whichever word processor you use), keeping it in the preferred layout of the ezine directory.

• Open up a new Notepad document. Copy and paste the entire article into this. We do this because the formatting used by Notepad is acceptable by the directories, Make sure you save the Notepad document with the title of your article

• On the Notepad document, above the complete article, I type in the following, leaving double spacing between each for ease of reference:

• My bio information, which will be used to fill in the resource box at the bottom of the finished article. This includes not only personal information about myself and my online business but also links to the relevant website and/or blog

• A list of all the relevant keywords for the article. These will be needed on the submission page. You can source these keywords yourself by using a keyword tool but most directories will list them for you, which you are free to use

• You will need to write a “teaser” piece about your article. This is simply a short keyword-rich article summary in about three sentences, no more

• You can date the Notepad document if you want – this can be useful in the future if you need to know when you actually wrote the article rather than when it was submitted or published

• Make sure you save the Notepad document! Then minimize it on your desktop whilst you log onto your chosen ezine directory

• Once on the article submission page, it’s simply a case of copying the text from the Notepad by highlighting it, then pressing CTRL + C, then placing your cursor inside the relevant box and pressing CTRL + V

• Once all the information is on the page, you have the opportunity to preview your work – this is where you get to see how it would look “live” on the web! Make sure you spell-check your article – bad spelling and grammar are not good for your online image and it’s amazing how many people just don’t bother to check their work before submission

• You can then either save your work as a draft, so that you can go back and work on it before submitting or, if you’re happy with it, you can hit the “submit” button and send it on its way. You’ll get an immediate on-screen acknowledgement.

One last tip: if your article is accepted and published, you’ll get a unique ID link to the published page. Make sure you copy, paste and save this onto the relevant Notepad document, then you can add this link to the bottom of the article when you re-submit it to other directories as this will get you back-links. You can also put the ID onto your website, if it’s relevant, or post it on your blog.
If you organize each article you write onto a Notepad document as I’ve explained, you’ll have all the relevant information at the touch of a key and you’ll save yourself valuable time and trouble in your article submissions.

All that’s left then is to wait to hear if your article has been accepted which normally takes a few days- but don’t sit around waiting to hear, do yourself a favour and write as many articles as you can. Be prolific and be organized!

For all your copywriting needs

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tips For Writing A Personal Statement For Social Work School

You definitely want to include all pertinent information, but you don’t want to make your letter into a novel. Writing your letter intelligently with proper grammar and sentence structure is important; however you will still want to write from the heart when it comes to explaining why you have an interest in this kind of work. The more convincing you are about why you would be well-suited for social work the better. Make sure to be specific about what interests you as far as social work is concerned. Go into your history of personal volunteer work or any paid positions you've had. Speak about any connections you've had in terms of assistance with family members, neighbors or others in the community.

If you can demonstrate a passion for social work then you will have a much better chance of getting into a program that you are interested in. Schools always look for people who already have experience being an unofficial social worker of sorts, whether that means being a stay-at-home parent or taking care of a parent with a debilitating disease. The more personal you are the better, but only if it is significant to social work. When you are writing a letter like this, it pays to speak from the heart. The more open and truthful you are about how you feel and what you have experienced, the more likely you will be to get accepted. It’s also helpful to write about what type of social work you want to do, because there are many different areas that one can go into. Go on to explain what you hope to accomplish as a social worker in your own respective area and what you want to get from it personally.
Learn more about Social Work Programs and find out about Top MSW Programs

Demand Media at a loss!

I was reading an article today on CNN Money. Saying that Demand Media were in losing money not making money. Well, they justify it by saying that they see the upfront fee they pay their freelancers as a capital investment. Like buying a house or land. They don't see it as an immediate cash in. They are trying to build a strong arm of content over a period of time. They will then make that money back over a five year period. Therefore they are not looking to make immediate money with that side of the business. However; many people don't know that Demand Media runs a domain name registry business as well. Most of their revenue comes from there. Many finance pundits have been calling their business model unusual. But I actually beg to differ with this. I do believe that the more content they make, they will eventually get that money back and then some over a period of time. What Demand Media are doing is no different from people who pay other writers to write content for their website. Everybody knows that content is king, therefore they need that content to be able to sell advertising in the first place. Just like you would do with a traditional newspaper format. No content, no advertising, no business.

I do believe that if you write about what people want to read and what people are searching for,oh and if you write enough of it. You will eventually get paid back for it. I mean think about the amount of time spent on writing blog posts and articles for your website. You might not be getting paid for it now, but the more you write, the more you will get out of it. You are investing time, and eventually you will get that investment back and then some. This is what Demand Media are doing, except they are investing hard cash, they know that small fee they pay will over time generate more money for them. This is not about Google Adsense either, they use Vibrant as well which places in text adverts. They affiliate with hundreds if not thousands of different businesses, they make money through that. They also sell independent adverts, as well as Google Adsense. Therefore if you think you are going to make money from Google Adsense alone in this day and age you are sadly mistaken. You have to have multiple streams of income on your website or blog to see any money coming through at all.

I am going to leave at that with the Demand Media thing but I am going to say that, if you want to work with them I am not going to discourage you. Because you can make some extra money with them. There is nothing wrong with making a little bit of extra money now is there.

Thanks for reading guys.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Need Essay Writing Help?

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Writing Opportunities

Are you looking for new writing opportunities? Well especially if you are just starting out and you have found it hard to find writing work. Here are a few places you could go to find work.

Pure Content

Pure Content are a UK based company. They look for UK and U.S writers who can write anything from News pieces to simple article marketing pieces. Their pay varies so you have to check when you apply. They pay monthly as well through paypal or UK bank account.


They are based in Europe and they look for global writers. They pay in Euros, but you have to apply to find out how much they pay per article. They are basically like the European version of Demand Studios.

E Copywriters
I am not that clued up about this company. Although I know a couple of people who worked there for a while and said it took ages for their work to get approved. As far as I know they pay in dollars. The pay does vary from project to project.


They are a UK company.They started off just doing how to video content. Now they are branching into text content. I don't know how they plan on operating though. Because they have just finished one mass project where they paid everyone £7.50 per 400 word piece. The pieces were easy how to pieces that required little or no knowledge at all. They paid via paypal once all had been approved. They said there are going to be loads more opportunities but I think they are just starting out with the whole thing so it is one to watch I guess.


They are a UK based online magazine.You have to submit work weekly and they pay £6 per completed 200 word article. They you monthly via Paypal.

Right you are going to have to come back to find out about more opportunities. I have a whole list which eventually I will be compiling into one master list for you guys.


Are there any content writing millionaires out there?

Is it possible to make a million from content writing? I wonder, well I know a couple of people who have made very close to a million by doing some content writing and outsourcing a lot of the work. I think that once you have an abundance of work and you are outsourcing it lots of different writers it is possible to make that kind of money. I mean at the end of the day Demand Studios are basically just a content production company on steroids. Obviously there are not many companies out there that can compete with Demand Studios but I still think it is possible to make millions from content writing. The key is basically writing about what people want to read. If what you are writing is not what people want to read then you are obviously not going to make a penny. Therefore, you have to write a lot, you have to write interesting and engaging content and you have to know how to market it. If you don't know how to market it then once again you are not going to be making any money. Actually I think I am going to backtrack on that. Because sometimes you might not market something and it could just take off. I have had that happen to me with a couple of articles I have written on Triond. I put it up, and within like half an hour there were like 500 views on it. I actually didn't realise that this particular topic was the number one trending topic on Google at that time. I just wrote about it because I felt like it.

Anyway the bottom line here is this, you can make a million, if not millions from writing on and offline content.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Push button money

I saw this thing called push button money by a guy called Aaron Darko. I found out about it through a friend of mine. She basically told me she had made $5,000 in a couple of weeks with it. I laughed! Anyway I have not used it myself but she introduced me to a couple more people who have made a lot of money with it too. It basically is a software that can do all the marketing for you. I am not too much into affiliate marketing although I do dabble in it once in a while. I did look at it and I can see how it is possible to make money with it. I know the guy who is behind it is filthy rich. The only reason I am mentioning it here is because I think with software like this it can help you to promote your articles. If you are doing revenue share. It can help you to get a lot of traffic to your articles.

I have seen software like this all over the place but most of it is rubbish. I decided to take a look at this one. What I will say is this, it does require that you do a lot of reading and understanding what it is about first. You can't just jump straight into it and start making money. You have to work at it. So I think that for the purpose of marketing anything it could possibly be a good thing. I do think that the whole thing has been slightly exaggerated though. But it obviously does work otherwise I don't think my friend would have been showing me all the clickbank checks she has been getting from doing it.

So good luck to anyone who is using it. Good luck to anyone who will be using it in the future.

Push Button Money

Make that money

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself it is time for me to get rich? Do you ever wake up and just think, I am so sick and tired of being poor? Do you seriously? Well I have had this feeling before, and trust me it does not feel good. If you are a writer and you have had enough of being poor, well you have to trust me when I say to you that there are ways of getting out of the poor house and into the rich house. All you need to know how to do is write. You can have clients coming through the door on a daily basis. The one thing you need to know is that you have to work hard. You cannot expect to start making money and living the rich life without putting in the hard work.

Make a plan

If you don't know where to start, make a plan. I know this sounds obvious but when you start writing things down you will see things more clearly. All the ideas that you have will start coming to life. Write everything you want to do with your content writing business down. If you want to focus on writing content for websites only, then start doing your research about that. If you want to focus on writing editorial pieces for on and offline magazines. If you want to solely concentrate on blog posts then do your research on that and start thinking of ways to gain clients for that area of content writing. Did you know that writing article marketing pieces is big business? So many companies need articles written about their business, and if you are skilled in writing engaging and persuasive copy then you could have yourself a very profitable business.

Where to get clients

This is a question that many people have asked me in the past. I am always busy with work so people always wonder how I am able to get clients. Well when I started out I didn't know what I was doing. I just looked on job boards most of the time. This is a good way of getting clients, however you can try harder. If you don't have an advertising budget, then you are going to have to think of other ways. You can promote your website by using article marketing. You can even contact companies direct and ask them if they want to take up your service. For example SEO companies always need writers, affiliate marketers always need writers, small businesses such as car hire firms, vets, builders and roofing companies. They have websites, and they want to drive traffic to those websites. Therefore in order to drive traffic to those websites they need to create more and more content regarding their kind of business. They basically need relevant backlinks. The more content there is on their business the better. These companies don't know how to write or they just simply don't have the time to write hundreds of articles. This is where you come in, you can write the articles and submit them as well, you can give the work to other writers. Eventually you will be outsourcing to others. This means you will be able to take on more clients. This is when your business starts to grow.

I focus on a lot of white paper drafting and I do corporate article marketing pieces too, as well as editorial for a range of online and offline publications. You can eventually specialise, so you become known in the business for writing this type of content. Do you see the massive potential in this business? The potential is so huge that some people get a bit scared when they think about it and run from it instead of embracing it. You could literally become a millionaire from selling content writing services. Not to say I am a millionaire yet but if I carry on working at the rate that I am working now it is not far off. I know that it is possibility.

Good luck on your moneymaking journey keep striving for the best because you will make it.

Content that pays

Believe in your own power

I bet you are wondering what this post has to do with writing? Well it has a whole lot to do with writing. I will tell you why, because if you just write for the fun of it then this is not important to you. However if you write for the fun of it, for the love of it and to be a success at it. Then this should be very important to you. If you want to make writing your business, then you must and when I say must I mean must, believe in your own power. If you don't believe in your own power then you will fall flat on your face. You have to believe that no matter what, despite the odds you can make it. You have to believe that nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goals. You might have a goal to be published in the New York Times, some people might laugh at you but you know that if you put the work in and you believe in yourself no matter what you can achieve it.

I have always believed in thePower of Positive Thinking . I have written several articles on this very subject. I know that it works, I am living proof of it, I might not be at the top of my game yet. However; I am getting there, through sheer dedication and sheer determination coupled with unwavering faith. I am not only referring to God, I am referring to having faith in yourself. God helps those who help themselves at the end of the day. If you sit and pray to God and you are seeing nothing happening because you are just literally sitting there and waiting for God to provide a mircacle, well you will be sitting for a very long time. If you just sit and think positive and believe in yourself, well you say you believe in yourself but you are not actually doing anything. Well you will get nothing, life really is what you make it. Life gives you what you give life. If you give life nothing, then you won't get anything else in return.

I am a major fan of Norman Vincent Peale, I love all of his books. I was introduced to his books by my father when I was just nine years old. I have tried to live by those principles for most of my life. Sometimes I have gone off the path and thought differently, but when it boils down to it I always go back to trying to think positive. Believe in the power that you hold within you, because no one can make you a success. it is up to you to make yourself a success. If you think that someone is going to hand you the magic pill and your writing will be in all the book shops or you will become some famous online writer and blogger, well you are wrong.

Never stop believing

Even when you feel like you have been writing for a million years and nothing is happening. Even when you feel like no one is listening, keep on writing, even if you feel like your writing is just not good enough. Keep practising and yes, keep on writing. There is nothing like practice, practice, practice. I have so much to say on this topic that if I don't stop it will go on forever. I just know that with anything in life nothing is impossible. Believe the impossible dream and keep on striving to achieve it. Because one day it will come true, and it will happen when you least expect it to happen.

Keep the faith and never give up because

Tomorrow our seeds will grow, all we need is dedication.

Demand Studios: Love it or Hate it?

I am sure you have all heard of Demand Studios? Well it is one of those so called content mills, they churn out thousands of articles on a daily basis. They pay freelancers between $7.50 and $20.00 to write articles and you can write as much or as little as you like to write. Now I have written for them and still do sometimes when I can be bothered. I know a lot of journalists and writers look down on it but I am going to say this. If you are a freelance writer and your client line has dried up for the month, you can make a few extra bucks with it. Hell I know people who have made more than a few extra bucks with it. I know people who have saved themselves from losing their house with it. So turn your noses up at it if you wish, I am not. The only thing I would say is this, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Basically what I am trying to say is, don't use Demand Studios as your sole income. Some people do and I know that, however I think there are a lot of other ways of making money as a freelance writer. I know that if you use Demand Studios as a way of showing prospective employers that you can write well, I don't think that is the best idea. Alot of the major media firms don't like it. They won't employ you if you say you write Ehow Articles trust me.

I for one don't use Demand Studios as my sole income. I have my copywriting business which is doing very well and my media company in general is doing well. Therefore I don't really need to use it for that. But there are some that do and some that can't find another way out apart from Demand Studios. I am going to tell you that there is a way out. You have to get smart and put your thinking cap on. I had to do it so you can too. There are literally thousands of companies out there that are begging for people to help them write content. Content writing is big business, every website needs content. Every publication needs content, heck every business needs content. So if every business needs content and you can write content what are you waiting for? Get to writing some content.

I need content writers all the time for my business. Obviously I run a content creation business. However; SEO companies need writers, affiliate marketers need writers, major blogs need writers. Anyone with a business will at some point need someone to help them with putting content together. So if you are freelance writer struggling to find work. Get out there and make a small content creation business for yourself. Stop staring at your empty bank balance and make it happpen. Demand Studios is good for those times when you need a cash injection but it is not the only place that you can make money.

Put your thinking cap on and start making money today. Even people who can't write very well are making good money.

Good luck!

Making Money with blogs

How many of you are really making money with your blogs? probably not many. What is the key to making money with your blogs? Is it an abundance of good content? Well that is part of it. That is actually a massive part of it. Besides that, it takes a massive amount of time, you have to promote promote promote. You can spend days, hours and weeks on end trying to get the right content on your site and you are still not getting the traffic that you wanted to get? Well you just don't know the tricks that is the reason why you are not getting what you want out of your blog. It takes research, annoying I know but that is the bottom line. You have to research research research. I have learned this hard way and I am still learning now. I love writing so I am not that bothered that I am not making a million from my blog. However it would be nice to see some money coming out of it. Well guys if you really want to make money online but you have no time to go running around looking for the next big thing and you don't actually want to keep writing writing and not seeing any profits then check this out.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Revenue Share Sites: Can you really make money

Can you really make money with revenue share sites? Is it really possible to make money with these sites that you can write thousands of articles and you get a share of the Google Adsense profit. I am personally only really utilising one of these programs and that is Triond.

I have written several articles on here and I can see the potential. If you had over 5000 articles on there, you could start to see a substantial income. The key to this is writing a large quantity of readable and informative content. Just like any site content really is king. The more good content you write the better. If you work hard with these sites, just like if you work hard with your blog and you use all the right principles you should see some results. I am not going to disclose how much money I have made on Triond, but I know that I have done pretty well out of it. I have been slacking a little bit to be honest, and I think I could have made a whole lot more if I try harder. The key is not only writing good content, it is marketing your content. There are several ways of marketing your content but you have to do them effectively. What are some of the ways of marketing your content?

Social Networking Sites

This is one of the most obvious ways, but it dBulleted Listoes work. Especially if you have alot of friends. Be careful not to send out lots of Spam in order for people to read your pieces. Just post them on your page and if people read it, they read it. The key is engaging titles, if the title looks interesting then people are more than likely to click on it. If the title is dull, people won't want to click on it. It really is that simple. Facebook is the most popular site but there are hundreds of social networking sites to choose from. Some of them are social netoworking sites that are also forums as well.

  • Myspace
  • Hi 5
  • Blackplanet
  • Bebo
  • Buzznet
  • Blogster
  • Cafemom
  • Babycenter
  • Faceparty
  • Friendster
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites out there. You don't have to sign up with them all, but sign up with the ones that you think are relevant to you.

Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites, are a way for you to share all your favourite links in one place. There are so many, and if you utilize them you could really get some good results. The key with these is also having a lot of followers.
  • Twitter
  • Fark
  • Stumbleupon
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Yahoo Bookmarks
  • Netshoutout
Again there are a plethora of social bookmarking sites that you could join to help you market your articles.

Article Marketing

This is a really big area, so I am going to do another post on this later on. However you can use other articles to market your revenue share articles. Link your articles together using these articles. I am not going to into this too much now, I am going to do a whole post on each one of these areas of marketing. There are so many ways of getting traffic to your articles, the key is basically Search Engine Optimisation. This is a really heavy area so it has to be broken down.

Now you get the picture, it is possible to make money online using revenue share websites, you really have to know what you are doing and you could be making a full time residual income in no time. Well not no time, but you could start seeing a little trickle of money come in, and the more work you do, the more money you could make. It is just as simple as that.

Happy Money Making. Remember, Keep the Faith and never stop believing in yourself. Read my article on the Power of Positive Thinking here:

Thank you

Oh and before I forget if you want to read the latest articles, find out about the latest freelance jobs online, join up with the online writers facebook page.

I am back

I have been away for while. Launching my business and it has been great. So far it has gone from strength to strength. I thank everybody for taking the time to read my blogs and all my articles. It means alot. My company is Intrigue Media Group, I have an online magazine, a network of blogs and content sites, and an international content creation company. I believe that hard work pays off, I also believe in the power of positive thinking. The harder you work and the more positive you are, the more money you will make. Simple as that, I believe this because I have seen it. I literally work day and night. I am a workaholic, and I won't stop until I have achieved everything I have set my mind to. If you think that you can wake up one day and your business will be a success, well think again. You need to plan, put in the work and you will make something out of nothing. Anyway I don't really want to get into that too much for now. I will post more about that later. However, I just wanted to say hi again because it has been a while since I said anything. I will be posting up every day now and trying to help people make money online through content creation and copywriting. Yes you can become a millionaire, you can live the life of your dreams, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. I am not a millionaire, no but I am getting there. I am getting there faster than expected. I am seeing things happen for myself that I would not have thought possible a few years ago. Anyway guys take a look at my company website, there are going to be a lot more of sites coming up in the next few months. So please do keep your eyes peeled for them.

Thank you again for your time and I will post something up later on. Happy writing and happy moneymaking. You really can quit the rat race and start seeing an income from home within a matter of days. Do you want me to show you how you can start making money hand over fist? Well come with me and we can see it happen together.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello again

I have not posted in a while as I am running around after my 6 month old son and doing it single handedly is not easy, my business is going well so I have been so focused on that and the baby I sort of forgot to write something!! I have been writing every day though for work and so I think I need to get back to writing for my blog as well so do watch this space!!! I am still writing for Triond but I am not writing for any other content writing website because the rest of them kind of turned out to be just not worth my time. I am doing pretty well with Triond and will continue with that. Writing is my passion and my life and I am exploring other avenues at the moment and trying to get some more writing work for my writers who are signed up to my freelance agency so give me a shout if any work is out there.

Look out for more posts and more stuff in the world of Miss Intrigue the writing guru!