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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can you Make Money with Google Sniper?


I came across this program a while ago called Google Sniper. However, I am very sceptical about programs that claim to help you make money online. Most of them do not work, and most of them are just information that you can just find for free online. I was actually given a free product so I thought I might just check it out. To be honest so far the information contained in the manual is nothing that I do not already know. The product was put together by a guy called George Brown, who is a young guy from the UK who one day got so fed up of trying to make money online that he put this program together to help people make money on the Internet. It is basically another course, it is not a software as I initially thought it was, I am not going to tell you what it says inside because obviously that would be giving away the so called secret. However, I am going to say after reading the entire manual, I am not entirely convinced that this will make you thousands of dollars if you are not a newbie. I am going to stress this because if you are a newbie then this could help you to kickstart you affiliate marketing career.

Watch a video below of George Brown Himself: Quick Tips from an Internet Millionaire

 However, if you are a someone who knows a little bit about affiliate marketing then this product is not really for you. How much Does the program cost? Well, you can pay an upfront $47 or, if you try and leave the page you can get it for $1. Basically the course will show you how to set up sites, and choose the right keywords and get those sites ranking pretty quickly. I am about to test the theory today in fact, I am pretty excited to find out if I make any money from it. I am not really an affiliate marketer as you guys know. I just use affiliate links to monetize a couple of my sites.

 I do not promote affiliate products on a regular basis. Anyway, although I know most of this information I have not put all of the information contained in the course to the test before. So, today I am going to set up a brand new site targeting a specific keyword and see how it works out for me. I have set up sites in the past for affiliate links only but I have never really made any major money from it. I am waiting for the day when I see a huge bonus from Clickbank or any other affiliate site. So far, I have only ever seen any money from Amazon and a few hundred from Clickbank but nothing drastic. So, I am interested to see how much money I make using Google Sniper. I am going to finish off the book tonight and then start putting everything into practice. I will let you know how I am getting on with it, in the coming weeks and months. If you would like to try this out with me and see if it does work you can check out Google Sniper below in the link. You can get it for $1 and after that you have to pay the real price if you like it. If you do not like it you can just cancel it, it would be great to see other people jump on board with this and see how it works for them. Thanks again Edina Jackson Oh, here is the link to check out Google Sniper GOOGLE SNIPER CLICK HERE

Monday, September 3, 2012

Regular Guy Amazing Success Breakthrough Story Online

Regular Guy Amazing Success Breakthrough Story Online

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cool screen recorder to record youtube tutorials

Blogger from my tablet

Okay, I have been having major issues with using the blogger for android app. However, I finally managed to get it working. I am testing it out and really like it. I have used it on the iPhone a few times however, I did not enjoy the experience. I am finding blogger for android to be seamless. It never freezes and it seems to be really easy to use. Now I can blog a lot easier on the mive without pulling out my laptop. Posting on the go is an enjoyable experience, and is excellent for news bloggers. I use wordpress for the majority of Intrigue Media's sites. For our online music mag, blogging on the go is perfect because we can document news and entermainment events in real time as they happen. No waiting around to find a place to plug in the laptop, we can get it done and be the first to get the story online.

This is just a test but I will be blogging a lot more using my android tablet on the move. Thanks for reading !

Edina Jackson

Intrigue Media