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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Triond: 100 Articles in 30 Days Challenge

Last month I did the 100 articles in 30 days challenge on Hub Pages. I did not quite complete the 100 articles, no excuses, I had a book to finish and I did not plan my time as well as I should have done. I am finishing off the last few hubs on it though. Then I am going to do the 100 articles in 30 days challenge on Triond. I have found I have made a lot more on this site. Therefore I am going to focus on this site for this month. I am actually  looking forward to it. I have two accounts on Triond one which is focused on news stories and the other one is just general articles.

Once again if anyone wants to join me in making money online writing and you want to do the 100 articles challenge then please do comment on this article and we can get started together. I know this is a short post but I am rushing around today. I have a lot to get done, besides finishing writing my book, I have so much work to do I have a deadline for the publisher to get the illustrations finished for the children's book. I have a whole lot of things to do, so I am going to get them done.

Have a great day and be productive. I am doing a massive writing fest this week and getting a lot of things out of the way that need to be gotten out of the way, in terms of my writing. I have to finish off a book, write 150 articles for a client, edit 50 articles for a client and whole lot more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hub Pages Challenge Progress

Hey readers. Do you remember I told you I was doing the 100 hubs in 30 days challenge? Well I have ten days left of it and I have only done 30 Hubs. I obviously need to step my game up but I am sure I will get there in the end. I have been having a few issues in terms of keeping to schedule but I am about to switch my whole game up and start working Will Smith style. I mean ridiculous work ethic.  I am going for it hardcore over the next few days. I have done a mixture of book reviews, how to and just general articles. I hope to get eight hubs done tomorrow. Eight the next day and eight the day after that. If I carry on working like that I will get it done by the 26 of the month. I know this is a really short post, but I am so rushed off my feet at the moment, the music mag is about to launch and so I am kind of crazy focused on that, I also have a lot of content to finish off for the inspirational site which is if you remember Big Somnium.. Until next time dudes, happy writing.  Oh and remember this:

 "Tomorrow our seeds will grow all we need is dedication" 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Five Great Tips to Help you Write Faster and More Efficiently

It can be difficult to learn how to write faster but still maintain the quality of your work. Do you ever wonder why some people seem to crank out hundreds of articles on a monthly basis, whereas others just seem to write a few a week? Those people that have mastered the art of writing fast, good quality articles have a strategy. Organization is one of the most important factors of efficient writing. If you cant organize yourself you will find it hard to write more than a couple of articles a day. Take a look at these five helpful tips and you will be writing faster in no time.


This may seem very obvious to you but, planning is key. Some people might find it easier to just write whatever they want on a daily basis with no plan in place. However it is much easier, and far more efficient to plan your articles in advance. This is especially true for revenue share articles, blog posts and for article marketing purposes. Decide on your titles, your  keywords and your deadlines for each piece. Put all this information into an excel document.  When you start your day of writing, you will find it so much easier, because you will have everything planned out. You will get twice as much done, so give it a try.

Organize your workspace 

A disorganized workspace can completely destroy your work patten. Picture this, papers all over the desk, on the floor. Clothes everywhere and you simply can't find anything. This is a surefire way for you to stop your work to tidy up when you should be working.  Clean up the clutter in advance, never work in an untidy room.

Shut down the Facebook 

Block Facebook, Twitter, and all other social networking pages until you have finished your work session. I know I have found it very difficult in the past to concentrate on work, because I constantly stop and read my e mails and look at Facebook. Switch your phone off, block the social networking and last but not least, do not look at your e mail.

Stop Editing 

This sounds silly right? Well, when I say stop editing I mean stop editing every line you write. Write out the article and then go back and edit. Once you have the bare ones of your piece, going back and editing should take no time at all. Stopping at every line only slows you down.

Set a timer 

This has been one of the most effective ways of writing for me. It forces my brain to tick, I always write faster, come up with the best ideas when I set a timer. So, if you have a radio alarm clock, a stop watch or even a cell phone. You can set your timer and get to work.  I set my stopwatch for 20 minutes for 500 word piece, and I normally get it done in under that time. You don't need an hour to write a 500 words piece so if you think 20 minutes is not long enough, try and set it for half an hour max per 500 words.