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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building activities 
In recent years, management theory has developed  substantially. In years gone by, companies focused on building corporations that were competitive rather than team driven. However, in recent years the focus has shifted; from a more competitively focused organisation, to a team focused one. The emphasis has been placed on team building, with corporations spending millions on team building exercises. These team building exercises are designed to increase productivity, encourage creativity and improve company morale.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

George Brown: Young Millionaire

George Brown
George Brown

George Brown: Young Millionaire

Who is George Brown?
George Brown is a 20 year old multi-millionaire from the UK. He has made a huge name for himself in the Internet community by making millions as an online marketer. He has helped thousands of people to make a serious online income by learning his simple strategies. Most people are very sceptical about the whole affiliate marketing game because there are a lot of scams out there. Most of the packages on the Internet do not work, they are pretty just scams. However, after doing a series on affiliate marketing success for a client I discovered three genuine affiliate marketers who have provide genuine, easy advice. One of those was George Brown.

Can you Make Money with Google Sniper ?

What is Google Sniper?

If you are a newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing you might not have heard of Google Sniper. If you do not know what Google Sniper is, here is an explanation. The program was set up by a young man from the UK called George Brown. He was only 17 years old when he set up the program. after being a furniture delivery boy and spending thousands on affiliate programs that did not work. He set up his own, he worked tirelessly researching the best methods of making money online as an affiliate marketer. Eventually he managed to come up with a system that worked for him. He began earning thousands every week, he then decided to put the program together and allow other people to purchase it. It is basically an e course, that explains in detail how you can learn to make a full time income from home. The question that most people ask is this, can you make money from Google Sniper? So let us answer that question.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Peng Joon: Young Work From No Home Millionaire and Founder of Snobble

Pen Joon: Young Work From No Home Millionaire and Founder of Smobble

Pen Joon

Pen Joon in his office
Pen Joon in his office

Pen Joon

Who is Pen Joon? Pen Joon is a young multi-millionaire from Malaysia. He is known for creating programs like Internet income Intensive and Work from No Home. Yes, it really is called Work from No Home, it is not a typo! The idea behind this program is that you can work from home in your night clothes or from the beach, or from your hotel room. He says all you need is an Internet connection and a laptop and you can start making money online from home. Penjoon is also the founder of one of the first and most successful Internet marketing training companies in Asia, Smobble.
What is Smobble?
Smobble is a company that prides itself on building a fun working environment for staff. It does not believe int he nine to five rat race, and the serious corporate way of running a company. It believes that staff should be happy, relaxed and enjoy what they are doing. The company is also known for launching huge gaming products such as Farmville and others. Penjoon is a massive gaming enthusiast and he also taken this love of gaming and made some serious bank from it.
Two Products he is Best known For
The two products that Penjoon is best known for are Work from No Home and Internet Income Intensive. Both are training courses on how you can give up the day job and really start making money from the Internet. Most people who try to make money online never really succeed and they end up going back to the day job. However, when you watch Penjoon making money online in real time with his proof videos you begin to think that it really is possible. Most of the training courses on the Internet that claim to help you make money online are just scams. They never really give you any real information to help you to quit your day job. However, after interviewing four people who I know personally who have made money using Pen Joon's methods, one is to believe that he knows what he is talking. Most training courses for affiliate marketing are actually aimed at the beginner. However, they can help people who have been trying to make money with affiliate marketing for years but have failed to do so. There are thousands of people who have been struggling to make money online as an affiliate marketer and with no success.
Why do people fail in Affiliate Marketing?
The reason why most people fail in affiliate marketing is:
  • They make vital mistakes
  • They try to do too many things at once instead of mastering one thing
  • They quit too quickly
  • They do not see millions overnight so they assume it does not work
  • They do not have the right strategy
  • They are not organised enough
  • They spend too much money on programs and not enough time putting the programs into acftion
  • They pick the wrong products to market
  • They have no idea how to market the products
  • They do not have enough time to put it into practice
  • They are too lazy
  • They want instant results
There are so many reasons why people fail with Internet marketing . However, one thing that Peng Joon talks about is gaining momentum. Once you gain that momentum you will continue to make money. I know this is true because in 2008 I set out to start making money from home as online writer. I began building my business and signing up other writers to help me build my business. At first I had a couple of really small clients and I was getting quite frustrated with it. However, after my first two clients I was getting two or three clients a week, the paychecks were getting higher and higher. I started to believe that this was really possible and I started to see a bright future ahead. I had a positive outlook and one day I looked in my online banking account to find a large sum of money from a client who had paid me up front for a massive batch of work. This is when I really started to get excited about my work from home dream. You see, if I did not continue and keep pushing forward and gain that momentum I would have stopped and thought that making money from home does not work. I would have thought it was a myth and just gone back to the rat race. However, I continued and kept pushing forward and doing what worked for me.
This is the Key
Do what works for you, once you find something that works for you, stick to it. Keep working hard and pushing forward and you will see that you can make some serious money working from home like Pen Joon did, like I did and like thousands of other people who have not given up on the dream.
Final Thought
Penjoon also states that you have to believe in yourself to make it happen. You have to keep working at it and keep pushing forward to see results. If you only make five dollars in your first week working from home, whether it be affiliate marketing, online writing or something else. This shows that it is real, you can make money working from home. You can change your life working from home. It is possible, and it is not just dream. It can be a reality because people like Penjoon with his Work from No Home system and other systems have proved this.