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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There are just too many ways to make money online!!

There are so many ways of making money online, I have been writing writing and writing and making money online from that but there seems to be so many other things to do to make a little extra money here and there. I came across a programme called Cash fiesta recently that literally pays you for sitting on the internet doing nothing well surfing or whatever you normally do. I always thought these things were just a complete scam until I gave it a go and signed up and installed this toolbar and now every time I am on the net I am making money without actually putting in any effort. I am going to be writing about this thing for a while now I know because it actually works. The only reason I joined up in the first place was becuse one of my friends showed me her cheque and I was shocked that she earned that money from pretty much doing nothing!!!! Anyway I won't bore you anymore with this but if you would like to give it a go and just make a little spare change or make even more by referring people to the programme then check it out.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

My new money making e book

Hey ladies and gents I have made a new e book about making money fast online, I have managed to put a few things up my sleeve since I have been doing this online thing and have managed to make quite a bit of money so if you would like to know how I have done it so far without really spending much then do get the e book, it is £2 only and you will see the money coming in after about a month so make sure you pay attention when reading.

Thank you xxxx

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Power Bar club Make money!

Hey Ladies and Gents! I discovered something this weekend called the Powerbar club, it seems everyone is talking about this thing at the moment and it is supposed to be this innovation in advertising. Anyway they are offering a way of the consumer making money by using a simple bar to view ads and each ad that is clicked on you receive some compensation for it. I joined up, as this is a very new concept I think that it is still having some teething problems to be honest but I can the see the income potential being very lucrative so this is the time I think to get involved with it. If you are a writer and want to make some extra money while you wait for your checks to come through then do this and invite as many friends as possibe to get the maximum benefit from it. Go to the following link to start making mone now! Happy money making !

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Article Submitter software

Many writers and marketers are using these softwares to submit their articles and promotional material to hundreds of directories all at the push of a button, I was asked by a very good friend of mine to test a software that she was planning on adding to her website for sale. I tested it on one of my pieces and low and behold at the push of a button it was submitted to over 100 directories and I saw an increase in traffic immedietly. Some may say this is cheating but personally I think this is just a timesaver if you want to spend the rest of your time perfecting your writing or if you want to spend the rest of your free time working on your products. This software from what I have seen can save you a whole lot of time and money and in turn make you a whole lot of money in a shorter space of time and for less effort. Take a look at the article submitter below and another one called Mass article control and please do give me your feedback if you decide to use Mass article control as I have not used that one yet. Happy money making!

Article Submitter

Mass Article Control

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Found something amazing!

I found something amazing today and I just thought I might share it with everyone, well if you are looking to make lots of money online that is anyway then you will be interested in this. There are so many rubbish coaching e books and all kinds of nonsense on the web telling you that this is going to make you rich and that is going to make you rich and most them are just lies to be honest I have come across a lot of these things and so I am very aware of what crap people will tell you to make you part with your cash. Having said this, I came across something the other day that is pretty much the real deal, out of all the BS this seems pretty damn good, a friend of mine from a writing site told me about it and so I checked her one out and low and behold things are falling into place, in terms of me making my second million online that is. As well as my writing I am going to be using this to make the rest of my money. Have a look!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I write but there are other ways $$$$

Although my number one passion is writing, and I am focusing on writing to make money online, I know there are other ways of making money online, I think that if you are an online writer or a blogger it is very important that you learn about other ways to increase your income online. I am finding so far that the best way of making money online well for me anyway is through affiliate programmes and referrals. The whole adsense thing is great but if adsense fails you then at least you have your affiliate programmes or referrals to fall back on. For example joining sites like Cashcrate and Liberty cash is all well and good but these sites can be limiting in the amount of money you can make if you are planning on just taking the surveys, clicking on the ads and taking part in offers. Reason being there are only a limited number each day to actually do. The best way to generate an income with these programmes is refer people, there are plenty of people out there who are looking for an online job, not necessarily looking to generate a passive income so those are the people to target when it comes to referrals. You get paid a percentage of their earnings and the more people you refer the better. Personally from what I have experienced anyway Cashcrate is the better of the hundreds of PTC referral programmes out there.

Another good referral programme is Revtwt this site is really good for people who have a lot of followers on Twitter, you post ads on your Twitter updates and earn money per click. Again the best way of generating income from this is through referrals as well as posting ads, the more referrals you get the more likely it is you begin to build youself a passive income. The site provides you with all the tools necessary to making referring straightforward, so it is even good for any novice out there.

Affiliate programmes

I am currently a member of only one Affiliate programme and so far it has been the most successful one yet, well for me anyway. The programme I am talking about is called Allposters.com, I found the banner on another blog, a really successful blog if I might add. I was sceptical about it though because I have joined so many other affiliate programmes in the past and none of them have really worked for me, either I have found them far to complicated or the products just were not something people actually wanted to spend money on so I just kind of gave up on them and got bored. This particular site is an online poster store, they sell thousands of posters and pictures for reasonable prices. There are two ways you can make money from All posters; the first one is from sales and the second one is by recruiting other bloggers or webmasters to become an affiliate of their site. I have had great success with this in the short time I have been a member, and it has been by far the quickest turnaround I have ever seen anyway so I am going to push on with it and eventually this will be another stream of passive income for me and I will be well on my way to making that second million. I have not joined any other affiliate programmes yet, reason being I don't want to have too many things to think about for one, and the other thing is I want to focus all my energy on one programme in order to generate the maximum revenue from it. One other good way of promoting your Affiliate programmes is to write articles about them, if you are a member of such sites like Xomba post Xomblurbs on your chosen affiliate programme and trust me it does work. Happy money making and happy writing guys! Thanks for reading

To check out All posters click on the following banner

Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My new blog

I have started another blog,I always said when I make a million I am going to start some sort of club or society for women who have made their own money, for self made business women who have made a success of it. I have been through a whole lot this past year and I am very proud that I have managed to make so much money in such a short space of time. No one believed in me but I realised that in this world you have to believe in yourself, no one can ever replace your own self belief and self love. I am working really hard now to make my second million, and I think getting a chance to speak with like minded women could be a big help in achieving that goal. My new blog is called Rich chicks, and I will be creating a Myspace page and Facebook page group for it. I hope to gather together a group of like minded women to share ideas and inspire those that wish to achieve what we have achieved.


Have a look at it and get inspired!

I made my first million!

I realised the other day that I had made my first million!! wowwwwwww!!!!!!! I never knew this until I checked out my finances and was actually in shock, I didn't even make this money online though as I had hoped to I made it by writing offline and running my company. I have a mission now to make my second million but this time all online, the money I make is all going to be online, I want to prove that this is possible so I am going to be working real hard over the next year to achieve this, I am not just going to stop at that, there is much much more money to be made!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Liberty Cash

Blogging v Paid to write sites

I have been blogging and using paid to write sites such as Triond and Xomba, I am finding that blogging is making me the most money for the least effort. I looked at my clicks yesterday on Adsense to find I had made 80 pence on 4 clicks with my blog and I had made 16 pence from 9 clicks with Xomba.com. Obviously with the paid to write sites you are sharing revenue with the site so you don't get the full amount of the Adsense payout but you still have to do a lot of work to get that little money. One thing I realised though is that when you place your ads on say Xomba for example they instantly get submitted to search engines so it is easier for non members of Xomba to read your work and generate more revenue. I have decided that I am going to focus a lot of my energy on my blogs and use the paid to write sites to try and drive traffic to my blog, and also use the blog to drive traffic to my work on the sites I am a member of. I have a whole lot of work to do and I know it is not going to be easy but I am sure that in the end I will succeed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


As I am on a mission to make a million from writing online, I looked into a couple of other moneymakers I realised that writing and blogging will get me the money I desire but I think I will get there quicker by doing other things as well. I joined Cashcrate the other day and I am actually earning money from it. I earned $30 in an hour just doing offers and entering competitions. I joined because a friend of mine had been telling me to join up for a while but I was very sceptical about it, well until she showed me her cheque of $500 from doing an hour a day I thought well it is worth it. I am pleasantly surprised at how well I am doing with it so far. The membership is free and you can actually start seeing cash in your account straight away, I earned about $5 in the first 20 minutes, and it wasn't pending cash it was earned cash. They pay you like clockwork every month by cheque and they don't mess you around like some other companies do. Anyway to join up click on the link below and see if it works for you. I am going to be looking into some other websites that do a similar thing over the next couple of days so watch this space.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top 10 most profitable keywords

Understanding keywords is very important for anyone interested in making money online and I am just getting to grips with the whole thing. If you get it right and you research and use the right keywords you could really see an increase in your earnings well so I have found out anyway. These are the top 10 most profitable keywords:

  1. Insurance

Insurance is the top most profitable keyword with the average cost per click being $17.41 and the average daily cost coming to $868,645.81

2. Hotels

The second most profitable keyword is Hotels I am not going to go through every figure and number for every keyword but hotels has an average of $706,238.75 cost per day for clicks


The third most profitable keyword is films and the average cost per day for this is $527,166.75




7. Acting



10. digital

Experiment with these different keywords and see what happens, I will be doing the same thing and will be updating all you readers on how I get on with it!

Thanks for reading !

Backlinks:The importance of the backlink

This word has been ringing in my ears for the past few weeks, this is all I ever hear! Backlinks backlinks backlinks!!!! I am not an expert I am still learning and still grasping the concept of many things, this week I am getting to grips with backlinks and trying to build them for my various articles and for my blog. So what are these backlinks? Well they are incoming links to a website or webpage, from another web source. This indicates the popularity or importance of that particular site or page and can increase the sites page ranking. Backlinks are very important in the in terms of search engine optimization or SEO. Backlinks from high ranked pages can be very useful in improving the search engine page rank, especially if the particular topic is similar or geared towards that of that page or site i.e if the keywords are similar or the same. I have heard so many people so that you can create your own backlinks by contiously linking to your other blogs or articles. Also by searching particular topics or forums and commenting with your link on it willl eventually create a web of backlinks, this takes time and effort and will work but over a period of time, patience is required.

Backlink building methods

Backlink tools

I am came across this backlink building tool on a website, that allows you type in your keywords and it comes up with a list of sites that you can potentially post your link on to that will create a string of backlinks to yoru site or page. This particular website has a whole host of SEO tools you can use for free, and they are very easy to use especially for a novice. http://www.webconfs.com/backlink-builder.php

Reciprocal linking
For example, if I have a website and my neighbour has a website, I link to my neighbours webiste and he or she links to mine, a reciprocal link has then been created. It is common to submit links to a recirpocal link exchange directory to improve search engine ranking, this type of linking is important becasuse Google uses link popularity algorithms (which are number of links that led to a particular page and the anchor text of the link)to rank websites for relevancy.

As I am a novice in this game but I am learning I am still researching and taking in all this new information, a very good place to find some great information on backlinks and search engine optimization is Wikepedia, I am currently researching and assimilating all its information go to the following link to find out different methods of linking.


If you need backlinks

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hub pages: like it or loathe it?

I joined Hubpages just over 2 months ago but never actually posted anything, as when I looked at it I found it to be very fiddly and annoying so I just left it and moved on. However I went back to it to today and found myself adding a couple of so called Hubs and I think it is growing on me! I found a few very informative articles on there about making money from writing online, and it inspired me. I still have not found out if these people are actually making millions from writing online yet but I found a couple of people on there that had a real expert advice when it comes to blogging, content writing and just making money online. This Mark Knowles guy stood out of the whole bunch and I found myself trawling through all his articles and I plan on favouriting a few of them to gain some more insight. http://hubpages.com/profile/Mark+Knowles Hub pages uses Google adsense as well as Ebay and Amazon affiliate programmes, I am only using Google at the moment, I think that is enough for me at the moment considering I am using it for my blogs, Xomba and Triond.

I will be working hard on researching this whole backlink thing, yes I know it seems everyone is doing it but I am still getting to grips with all the terminology, I want to show how a complete novice when it comes to this online writing thing can make a fortune from scratch. I have made my fortune offline writing but now it is my time to make that fortune from online writing and I am giving myself 6 months. I did not say that before did I? Well I have a target of 6 months to achieve the impossible, well not the impossible because it is no doubt possible but I am sure many people will say it is impossible but oh well! Anyway back to to the topic at hand, Hubpages I hated it at first but I am starting to really like it, I think well actually I know that this is a site I could make a lot of money from.

One question I keep on asking myself though is, is it worth being on several sites like more than 3 in order to make that big money? Is it best to pile high? is the real question, hmmm I think that obviously the more sites you are on the more likely it is that you will make that big money but at the same time if you are on too many in can get very confusing and become very difficult to manage. I am currently on working with 3 sites and I have 3 blogs and am working on a fourth at the moment so I guess I have a lot on my plate at the moment but I think my formula will bring in the money.

Anyway enough of this for now I am off back to Hub Pages to make my fortune! Happy money making!

Triond: an update

This past week I have noticed an increase in my traffic on Triond and have also noticed a major increase in my adsense earnings from Triond alone. I put this down to the fact that I have put some new articles up which many people may find very useful. One of the articles was 10 uses for lemons around the home http://gomestic.com/cooking/10-uses-for-lemons-in-the-home/ I found that a lot of people were clicking on this piece, before I had even shared the link on facebook, twitter or Xomba. I think I am well on my way to making my millions from content writing, I know it sounds far fetched but with Triond the more you write the more you earn. If you have an extensive body of quality articles posted you will find that regardless of promotion you will receive enough traffic to earn something daily. The fact that Triond has added the adsense dimension to the site means you can earn pretty much a double income from gaining a large amount of views and from your adsense clicks. I was beginning to get disheartened with Triond but now I am loving it!, writing is my life and with the help of Triond I know I can reach my online writing monetary goals.

Nothing beats waking up in the morning to see money in your paypal account, money in the bank just from writing. I am beginning to think that there is no excuse for not making a whole heap of money from Triond because if you are really passionate about writing you will find it very easy to submit 4 to 5 articles a day. If I really want to I could submit 10 articles a day, I love writing so much I can write an article in less than an hour. Never underestimate the power of hard work! the harder you work the more you will be rewarded. You reap what you sew so put the effort in and you will see the money come rolling in. One thing that gets me mad is when people write a couple of articles and don't even put the work in and expect to see a major reward, they get annoyed when they are not earning enough money from it. Well wake up and smell the coffee nothing comes easy in life we have to work hard! I have been breaking my back writing offline for the past 2 years and I am only now seeing the major benefits from it. I am only now seeing how much money there is to be made from it, I have banked a lot from writing offline, and I plan on banking a lot from writing online as well. I believe in the mantra that you can sleep when you are dead so in order to achieve my goals I plan on not sleeping for a while. Well I will be getting some sleep but I plan on pushing the boat out. I want to prove that it is possible to make millions from writing online. I have spoken to so many people that think it is impossible but I can guarantee you that it is highly possible. I have not come across anyone who has managed to do it yet though, when I do I will let you know. However I know that nothing is impossible, whatever you put your mind to you can achieve it, you just have to have the right attitude and there is nothing, and I mean nothing that you can't do.

I have kind of gone off the point now haven't I? well I think it was necessary, because although this post was supposed to be about Triond, I think everything I am saying applies to content writing on all sites not just Triond.

Look out for my daily Triond updates.

Use Google Trends to increase your traffic

I am discovering new ways everyday to increase traffic to my articles, people always say content is king, and it is very true. You have to know what people want to read when it comes to online writing, you have to be aware of what people are searching for. I have been using Google trends every day to find out what are the top 5 things people are searching for that day. I normally pick two and write a piece on each one. I have noticed by doing this my traffic increases about 5 fold for each article. Try and pick something you are actually interested in though instead of just picking the thing that is number one on the list, it is always best to write about things you actually like rather than just picking any old subject. I can pretty much write about anything as I have the mind of a journalist but I still like to browse through the different topics and pick one that I am most interested in. If you feature the keywords in your title and sporadically throughout your article this will no doubt increase the amount of people who actually find your article by searching on Google. Try and use this tool every morning before you start your day of writing and you will no doubt see a major difference in your traffic. Be patient though because things don't always happen over night. Go to www.google.com/trends for the daily search trends.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Make money from Twitter

Everyone is on Twitter these days, so why not make money from it, instead of wasting away your days tweeting and not earning a penny from it get some cash by posting adverts on your twitter page. This is not exactly writing but if you are looking to make some extra cash online then this is a good way of just earning a few cents here and there. However if you have a large Twitter following then you could make some good money. The good thing with this is you get to choose which ads go on your page so you have control over what you think people might like and might click on. You won't get rich from doing this but you will make a little bit of money in your paypal account. Signing up is free and once you sign up you can start posting ads write away. Once your account balance reaches $20 the money will be transferred into your paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account then sign up for one at www.paypal.com. Sign up with the revtwt and start making posting ads for a little bit of extra cash.
http://revtwt.com/index.php?id=51440 Let me know how you get on with making money from Twitter. Happy money making!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making money from Triond

When I first started writing for Triond, I was under the illusion that I was going to become a millionaire from it. That dream soon faded when I realised that writing for Triond I could make an extra income but I was not going to become rich from doing it. However in recent months I have seen some changes and I am beginning see a huge rise in my earnings from Triond. Guess what happened? I found my niche! I found what worked for me, what pieces were pulling in the most views, I realised that I needed to write from experience, I needed to write from the heart about things that would be useful or helpful to others. My biggest earner was an article about removing stretch marks. Here it is I pulled in over 300 views in just a few hours by putting the link on a website called babycenter for expectant mothers and parents alike. I was shocked and thought to myself, wow! people are really interested! I then put another article up about getting a flat stomach after pregnancy, here it is I saw the same results in just a few hours over 200 views. Again I was amazed, there we have it I realised that articles relating to health were my biggest earners, they seemed to generate the most interest well at least for me anyway. I also put the links up on stumbleupon, reddit and digg. I must admit I did not see a huge response from those sites but I got a couple of views and every little helps.

The key to making money on Triond is persistance really and you have to put the work in, build a really really extensive body of work, interesting informative, well researched articles that will have people coming back for more. The best pieces are pieces that are timeless in a sense, the ones that the information could be used in years to come. Things like daily news pieces may generate one spark of interest then it will eventually level out and will stop earning from those. Happy writing!!! Happy money making!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

can you get rich from writing online?

I have asked myself this question time and time again! Can anyone really get rich from writing online? Well I think it is possible, although I am not fully aware of any one person's particular earnings, I know that it is possible if you really put the work in. Many bloggers and many content writers have made a substantial income from this, but it does take hard work, Just like anything it takes a lot of time and effort, it also takes experience and research. I am far from experienced but I am learning every day, so everything I learn I will be teaching you. I will be documenting every move I make in this online writing game and so make sure you all keep track of my adventures.

How do you earn money writing online?

This is the question, there are a few ways actually

  • Blogging- you can set up your very own blog like this one sign up with google adsense and that is it! However that is not it you must produce good quality content, or at least content that makes people want to come back and read it once in a while and maybe click on an advert or 2.

  • Content writing for third party sites

You can sign up with certain sites such as http://www.xomba.com/ or http://www.triond.com/ you can write about virtually anything, promote your work online and earn money. With Triond you earn from the amount views you get and recently they have added an adsense element to the site where you can earn money if people click on the adsense adverts in your articles. You get paid through paypal and if you really put the work in with Triond you can make alot of money. With Xomba you can really begin to make a passive income if you add a large body of work and keep on promoting it. Xomba uses Google adsense only, you don't get paid for the number of views but the Xomba community is very friendly and if you get well known you can really make a good amount of money. I am personally only working on these two sites but there are so many other websites whereby you can make some extra money by writing articles.

  • Writing music reviews

One of the only sites I have seen that you can make money from writing music reviews, is a website called http://www.slicethepie.com/ I know there are others but this seems to be the best one, you basically sign up for free and start writing reviews, you have to have a paypal account in order to get paid but again if you put the work in you could make a little bit of extra money. The only thing with slice the pie is that you don't start earning money straight away, it works on ratings basis, so if yor are one star you won't get paid for your reviews but once you reace 2 stars you will start earning 5pence per review and it goes all the way up to 10 pence per review. If you a couple of hours in the evenings then you could really make some decent extra money.

  • Writing for online magazines and other peoples blogs

One of the best places to find writing work is http://www.craiglist.com/ all you need to do is sign up for free and browse the writing adverts, bloggers and website owners alike put adverts on these sites for new writers. Some of them pay well and some of them pay peanuts but you can still find some good work on here. Another thing you can do on craiglist is advertise your services as a writer, however make sure you have a good writing portfolio. You can also e mail blog owners and website owners to ask them if they have any writing work available.

I will be keeping you updated with all the new and interesting writing projects I find to make money online. Any tips I discover I will no doubt share with all of you!

In the beginning

Hey all! As you know now, I am a writer this is my first post here and I am happy to share my experiences with you. I have been busy writing offline for magazines and newsletters and I have decided to go full steam ahead with writing online. I plan on becoming a millionaire from it and I know that if I put the work in I can do it. Many people may be sceptical but I don't care because I have already started seeing results from the little I have done.

Where did it all start for me? Well it all started in 1998 when I decided that I wanted to be writer, I went to university and studied Politics and Philosophy. Upon graduation I went into Political Consultancy which I did not enjoy but hey we live and we learn right? I then decided in 2003 to persue my dream and start writing, I put all my time and energy into it and eventually I got some pieces in the local newspaper and the rest is history. I have made some good money from it, some fantastic money in fact, however about a year ago I was browsing online and saw a website called Triond. The website claimed that all you needed to do was submit content on pretty much any topic and upon approval you can begin earning money, the more people that view your work the better. I had this dream then that I was going to be rich from this alone. However my dreams were soon dashed when I realised that this just was not going to happen, I was making a few cents a week if that. I did that for a few months and then I am ashamed to say I just gave up with it and carried on doing offline stuff and continuing to make money from that.

I then decided to start my first blog which was like a music style online magazine
http://www.intriguemagazineissue4.blogspot.com I was promoting it on myspace and on various other websites but not getting anything from it at all, so I kind of gave up on that as well. I started to think this whole adsense thing was a load of rubbish! Anyway in the meantime I am still writing offline and making money from that but I am not getting rich, doing very well but not getting rich! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! Then one day I decided to get back on Triond, I started posting articles up and low and behold I started seeing money daily not just weekly. I cracked it, I found the right subject for me and I was off. Another revelation came to me when I was going through the community and checking out different membes and I came across a lady called Althea who seemed to be doing really well with it. I looked at her blog and she recommended a website called Xomba http://www.xomba.com it was similar to Triond but far better well in my opinion anyway(find out more about Xomba with my Xomba review) Low and behold in the first couple of days I started seeing earnings in my adsense account, I must admit I put the work in the first couple of days but I was seeing the earnings, my hard work was actually paying off and I was slowly seeing something that looked like it could build into a steady residual income for myself. Wow Xomba Xomba Xomba I am loving it ! Now I am just not looking back! Join me on my journey and watch my rise rise and still I rise!