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Friday, January 28, 2011

Second Hub Completed: 100 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge

Hey guys. Yesterday I told you about the 100 hubs in 30 days challenge. Well, I have just completed my second hub and I am happy! I know I have a lot to do still and I will be getting it done. I will succeed with this and then onwards and upwards with the next challenge. For you guys who are actually taking part in this challenge please do leave your comments and send me e mails to edina@intriguecopywriting.com. If you need any encouragement then you know what to do you can e mail me at any time. I operate an open e mail policy, so I won't bite! I have to do three to four hubs a day to reach the 100 hubs in 30 days. However; I might just do a whole bunch and finish before the 30 days is actually over. I actually have 28 days now to complete this task and I don't want to fail. I will not fail! So any support you can give me I would much appreciate it!

Again this is only a short post as I am rushing around today but I will no doubt be posting up on a daily basis to let you know how far I have got with the challenge.

Wish me luck

Oh, and remember: Tomorrow our seeds will grow, all we need is dedication. Oh yes and one more thing, here is my hub!  Single Mom Survival Guide .

Thanks again !

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First hub completed!

Hey readers! I have completed my first hub in the 100 hubs in 30 days challenge! I would appreciate the support and anyone else who wants to join the challenge please do let me know. I don't mind promoting your articles as well. Continue the new year with fire in your belly and believe that you can achieve anything. This year nothing is going to make me feel like I cannot achieve. I believe in the power of hard work and dedication, and through dedication and determination I have already achieved so much. I will continue to make things happen in my life and I want all of you who follow this blog to adopt the same attitude. Nothing is impossible so, stop listening to all the haters who make you feel like you can't make something of your life.

You know the amount of times people have told me to go and get a real job? Oh, an online media company and corporate copywriting company will never take off. Well boy were they wrong? My copywriting company has recently taken on some major clients. We have already worked with some big names and we have just signed a massive contract for 2011. So, it is possible, anything you put your mind to you can achieve it. Anything you set your eyes on, you can attain. I am going to say this every day until people actually start to believe it. So, my first hub is up there the link is below and I would appreciate it people showed some support and gave me some encouragement. If you are doing the challenge as well, keep working at it and keep grinding because you can make it and you will make it. Just believe in your own power.  Remember this, we only have one life, this is not a rehearsal. Make the most of it while you are still able to do so. Work hard!  Read the following Michael Jackson quote I live by this and I will always live by it.

In the end, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and those you love, and work hard. Work like there’s no tomorrow. Train. Strive. Really train and cultivate your talent to the highest degree. Be the best at what you do. Get to know more about your field than anybody alive. Use the tools of your trade, if it’s books or a floor to dance on or a body of water to swim in. Whatever it is, it’s yours.”

For more inspirational ramblings go to Intrigue Media Groups brand new site Big Somnium .  Also go to the link for the first completed hub of the 30 day hub challenge.  My first hub of the challenge.  

Thank you and keep the faith 

Tomorrow our seeds will grow, all we need is dedication. L-O-VE X 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Million Dollars in Six Months Writing Online: Possible?

Ha ha! Sorry for the laughter but I have just had the most hilarious convesration with my friend. She actually told me to go get a real job. She seems to think I am a blogger and that is my job. Well, I had to tell her I am a professional copywriter and I have my own online media company. Anyway, she basically challenged me! She said, I bet you couldn't make a million in six months doing what you are doing! I said I bet I could! I actually should have said, can you make a million dollars working your nine to five. Probably, oh definetely not! OMG! I think people think that if you are self employed it means you are a bum! Actually for your information it requires more work!

Okay, breathe! Rant over! Here is the deal, I am going to attempt to make one million dollars in six months doing soley online writing. I know a lot of people are going to laugh and say that it is not possible and blah blah blah. Well, I say it is possible. I have various different income streams when it comes to online writing so it is very possible. I am ot sure what people say when they say it is not possible. Do they mean it is not possible because online writing does not pay enough? Or do they mean it is not possible because they don't think it is possible for one person to work so hard? I am not quite sure, I think it does get a lot of people uncomfortable because some people say you, should write for the love of it not for the money. Well, that is all well and good but love don't pay the bills. I love writing and I  love getting paid to do what I love. So, I have no problem admitting that I want to make a million dollars and more, in fact I want to be a frigging billionaire! I don't even want to be a millionaire! I want to be a friggin billionaire! So what is wrong with that? Okay, I don't love money, that is not the deal. I just don't want stress in my life. I think having money problems can cause a lot of stress in your life. So, I want to eliminate that problem for good.  I have made a lot of money writing and with business so far. I just want more! I am not ashamed to admit it either.

So, if anyone wants to join me and make a million dollars with me, you are more than welcome to do so. I know there are a lot of people who say they really want to be rich, but they actually don't want it bad enough. I will tell you why? Because if they wanted it badly enough, they would work harder for it. If you are willing to work every waking hour to achieve your goals then you deserve all the money in the world.

So, comment, comment, comment and wish me luck! I actually don't think I need luck really, I have self belief and I know I have the determination to work really hard to achieve my goals.

100 Hubpages Articles in 30 Days Experiment

I have heard of a few people doing this and having some success so, I am going to try it out. Yes I am going to be writing 100 Hubpage articles in  30 days and see how it goes. I heard of one guy making $2,000 in that space of time. To be quite honest I have not really pushed myself with these revenue share sites and I want to see how far I can take it. I have earned $500 one month with Triond but not more than that. So, I want to see how far I can get with Hubpages. If any of you guys want to join in then do let me know. You can comment here or you can e mail me at edina@intriguecopywriting.com and let me know you are taking part. You have to check in every week throughout the 30 days and let me know how many you have done. Obviously letting me know your id on Hubpages and everything else. Actually if you would like to do it on any other revenue share site then you can. For example if you want to try it on Triond that would be cool to see the difference in earnings.

Sorry this post is short but I gotta run! Let me know if you want to take up the challenge! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Write For Residual Income or Upfront Payment

Today I was having a discussion with a friend of mine who is actually a journalist. She was recently laid off and has decided she wants to branch out into the world of online writing. Anyway, we got into a discussion about revenue share sites and working for upfront payment. She was of the opinion that revenue share sites were a complete waste of time. My stance is actually slightly different.  Although I can see where she is coming from with this.

So what is revenue share or residual income writing? 

Revenue share writing is where you write articles for a website like Triond. You get paid per page view and per ad click through Google Adsense. You also get paid for the work your referrals do as well. I have been writing for Triond for a while now, I started out of boredom because when I was studying I would get bored of reading  study books and would just write a few rants here and there. Anyway, I actually saw the earnings mounting up over a period of time. So, I thought why not carry on with this? The money is not great but if you continue to write and get more followers, and if the topics you write about get ranked highly you can earn some good part time money. The way I see it, every penny counts.  If you can make an on-going income from writing once, then why not? For example, about a year ago, I wrote an article called How to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. That article still pays me to do this day, I am still getting a few dollars for that each month. I see it as royalties, you do your work, and if it is of good quality you can get paid for a lifetime for it.

Is it worth the time? 

My friend said this to me, is it actually worth spending time writing all those pieces for such low pay? I say yes , yes, yes. It is not only a good way for you to get practice as a writer, but it can also help you if you have a blog. Why? Because it builds your online presence, it builds your reputation and your brand. I have managed to get a lot of subscribers to my various blogs through Triond and through another site I am on Bukisa.  So, my answer to the question, is it worth it? Yes it is worth it.

How much can you earn? 

The pay really does vary now, because when I first started writing for Triond every 1,000 views you were getting more than $10.00 at times. It really did depend on the topic and if it was a popular or trending topic. You will be lucky to get that kind of money now. However; the key for me on sites like this is, quantity. Spend a couple of hours a week and just write a few pieces. Once those pieces are done, they are done. I personally earn over $300 a month on Triond. Does not sound like a lot of money, but if you think about the fact that these articles are earning money every month without me having to do anything. That is some good money.

What about upfront payment writing?

For me, this is where I make the bulk of my money. My copywriting business has been very successful so far. I personally think that you can combine the two and maximise your income. So, if you have some top quality clients that can pay you anything from $500 to $5,000 for a piece like a newsletter or white paper.  That is your stronghold income, when I say stronghold I mean that is the big money. The money you can use for bills, to invest, you can make that money work for you.  You could consider working for sites like Demand Studios or Break Studios. Where you get paid anything from $7.50 up to $20 per piece.  There are various sites like this, you can even do simple article marketing pieces which, don't pay much. However; if you pile it high you could get a decent wage from it. I personally take on these projects to outsource them and take a small percentage of the cash. That is my strategy anyway.

Why write for a revenue share site when you could write for your own site? 

I respond to this question by saying that, sites like Triond and Hubpages and even Bukisa. These sites are already highly ranked in the search engines. Because they are already strong sites, it is alot easier for your work to be seen. You can use these articles to work for you as well, you can include your blog or business site links in relevant articles. The more trust you build, the more traffic you will get to your own sites, this is double income for you.

Final Thoughts 

I don't like to dictate, but I would say if you are an inexperienced writer and you want more exposure. Join one of these sites, not just for the money but for the exposure. If you are an experienced writer, you can use them to grow your following even further than you already have.  You can also build a residual income for yourself.  As much as it seems small, when the money starts to add up you will see that it was all worth it. Plus, most of the revenue share sites are very lenient when it comes to article submissions. Therefore; you can create light hearted. less serious and less detailed pieces of work and you can still get paid. I am not saying you should write rubbish. I am just saying that you don't have to put the same amount of detail into your articles as you would in your blog, or if you were writing for a client. That is my 10 cents, so what are your thoughts on this. COMMENTS MUCH APPRECIATED! XXX

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Video Marketing for Writers: Can Mitch Sanders help You?

One cold London evening I was sifting through my hundreds of e mails from clients, and random things. I came across an e mail from the Internet marketing superstar Aaron Darko.  Anyway, the e mail was about a must take part webinar about Mitch Sanders. If you don't who that is then, he is an Internet marketer who has made a whole heap of cash. He states he doesn't use social media, he doesn't do article marketing, in fact he doesn't do anything except video marketing. He says he has discovered a way to rank number on Google for pretty much any search term. Simply by using certain search terms and creating various feeder videos for this search term and  blasting them to all the video upload sites. He tells about this way, which to be honest is true because I tried it. It took ages, it took me a whole day to make the videos that I needed to make. The point is, Mitch Sanders knows it takes a whole heap of time so Guess what Mitch Sanders has created a software called Traffic Thief, which takes the pain out of video marketing for you!

So How Can This Help Writers?

Well most writers these days have websites, most writers these days make money from blogging too. Do you have a book that you have self published and you want to sell it? Do you have a some revenue share articles that you want to share and profit from? If this is the case with you then video marketing can help you gain the views you want! However; is a $500 software really worth that money? Yes the software is $500, that is how much it costs, I have spoken to a couple of people personally who said that they thought it was worth the money because so far she has seen a massive increase in traffic to her site. I have not personally purchased this software, because I so far I have seen no value in it for myself. I have discovered an easier way, well for me because I hate creating hundreds of videos in a month. To rank higher and I am testing it out now, for my Triond articles and so far it is working out for me.

Video marketing is an excellent way of promoting yourself as a writer and to be honest with you I recommend it to any writer who wants to drive more traffic to their site.  Here is the best way of doing it, well I have found this anyway.

 Step 1. Create 20 very short videos, not giving the viewer the full idea of what you are trying to say. The video should be short and to the point, say three minutes long.  Yes 20 sounds like a big number but it is necessary. (You need to work out your search term and keywords for these videos) For example, how to make money writing articles. This is what people are going to search for on You tube.

Step 2. Create one master video, which all your feeder videos are going to be linked to once you have uploaded them. So, in the description box for each feeder video, you will have a link to the main video. In the main video, you will have a link to your site.

3. Upload the videos, so where are you going to upload them? Well your main video is going to go on You Tube. The rest of the videos are going to be uploaded on to various video sites, the easier way of doing this is by signing up to a site called, Tube Mogul . Here you can upload all your videos, and sign up to the video sites that are listed on there. Tube Mogul will send them out to the sites on your behalf. Once you go on the site, you will see pricing, but don't worry it is actually free to join and use for video syndication. So, that is it, you can go ahead and subscribe to people on You tube to get more views if you like but it does work. You can also use article marketing to boost it, by placing your link for your main video into the resource box or throughout the article. Does that make sense?

So, you can use this for your revenue share articles, you can use this for your blogs, websites and anything else pertaining to your writing. If I were you, I would give it a try.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King: What Writers Can Learn From His Greatness

As I am over here in the UK, we don't celebrate the day that one of the most influential men to ever walk the face of this Earth came into existence. I work for myself so, I guess I could say I had the chance to reflect on everything this awe inspiring man ever did. Have you ever met anyone over the age of say, 18 who does not know Dr Martin Luther King was? Dr. King stood for courage, conviction, the belief that nothing, and I mean nothing is impossible. When he said "I have a dream this afternoon", he was saying that he could visualise change. He believed that everything we conceive can be a possibility. His captivating way of expressing his visions, thoughts and feelings gave everyone hope. This is the attitude that we should still continue to this day, the strong belief that change can come, and change will come. The world I would say, has come on leaps and bounds since the days Dr. King was alive, but his legacy still lives on.  There is still so much that can be done and still so much to do. So, now readers, what is my point?

We can all learn from Dr King, we can all learn that we too, can visualise a dream. We too, can make a difference. Do you want to use your writing to make a difference? Do you want to use your writing to change the way people think? Do you want to create better quality of life for yourself and your family? Whatever it is that you want, it is written. You just have to take action, get up, plan, go after your dreams with conviction and zest. Grab life and run with the talents that you have been blessed with. Speak of change on a daily basis, remain positive and continue to work with integrity. Work hard, believe in the power of hard work and never, ever give up. Do you think that Dr. King had a defeatist attitude? No, his beliefs were steadfast, his faith was unwavering. Therefore; you must have the same level of conviction, the same level of fight within you to keep on going no matter how many times you have been rejected, just keep banging down that door. Don't ever stop fighting. There was a time in the not too distant past when the defeatist attitude was the Zeitgeist. The recession led to so many people just giving up and sitting on welfare feeling sorry for themselves. There is a better way people. Trust me, I have had my fair share of problems, I have had my fair share of issues in my life, but I have, and I am still working on pushing through those issues and making a better life for myself.

Okay, take a breath, inhale, exhale. Begin, I talk a lot, so you will just have to bare with me if I don't stop going on. Writers, do you wish that you could see your name on the bestseller list? Are you working a regular job and complaining every day that you wish things would take off for you in terms of your writing? Well, I have nothing else to say for you but, "I have a dream." You have a dream so why are you not following your dream? If you are a writer and you have already made it that far, is there not more that you could do to make a difference? Is there not more that you could do to put your stamp on this planet? Surely there is, because none of us will ever reach perfection so, there is always something that we could be doing to better ourselves or help better others. Help to change lives and change yourself at the same time.

Anyway please take a moment to digest my final words. Maya Angelou said this, "I have a magic charm that I keep up my sleeve, I can walk the ocean floor and never have to breathe." Walk that ocean floor and be the best that you can be.

Last words. Dream Dream Dream.

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King.

Writing Jobs Come In All Shapes And Sizes

I'm usually curious when I see a web-based ad for writing work opportunities because, for one, I am a writer, but possibly more so because there are many types of writing gigs.

When most of us think about writing jobs, we picture a newspaper position, or a novelist or even short story writer, but there are many other types of writing jobs that seldom spring to mind.

The other day I spotted an advertisement seeking a writer who can produce twenty articles on food and nutrition for a new web site that was introducing in a few months. The one who had put the ad wanted all of them within a month and was willing to pay $1,000 for the job.

What surprised me the most relating to this particular job was that it compensated $500 to begin, and $500 once the task was accomplished. All of the writing jobs I've had compensated upon completion of the assignment.

I found one more position for a construction newsletter, which was one of the more exciting writing job opportunities I have seen mainly because it paid a yearly salary, with health insurance plus benefits, but was still regarded as a largely freelance gig.

One of the more interesting writing work opportunities I've personally been offered was to write a book on a type of cancer about which there's obviously not a great deal of literature. That was 1 of the several gigs I actually ended up turning down, simply because I have mainly been a journalism writer, and did not really know how to deal with writing an entire book.

I have seen ads searching for essay writers, poetry, and, not surprisingly, the more unscrupulous parts of adult material or college term papers. Writing job opportunities also come in all size and shapes, and it is certainly not a one- size-fits-all kind of field.

I've often gravitated more toward newspaper and magazine writing because those are fields where I feel the most relaxed and know that I can do a good job. I have written a number of short stories and have attempted to write a novel, but those have typically not panned out for me the way in which other writing jobs have.

The best advice that I can give to a person trying to find writing jobs is to look for something you can imagine yourself actually doing with a certain degree of competence, and then give it your best shot. I can say in all seriousness that there is simply no worse feeling than engaging in a writing job in which you realize very early on that you've gotten in over your head, or obviously have no clue what you are doing.

http://mindgamemarketing.com/social-media-marketing/">Social Media Marketing is definitely a great approach to enhance brand awareness, opportunities and revenue of your business through social media channels and also by doing visual demonstrations such as http://mindgamemarketing.com/">Video Marketing, which induces attention about the organization and its products and services.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can you Make Bundles of Money with Web Content Services

What is web content? Well what I am writing right now is web content. If you have a website, all the text you will find on there is web content. Even videos are web content, anything that fills the pages of a website can be classed as web content. So can you make money from web content services?  Well, my answer to that question is, yes you can. If you set up a professional, efficient web content service you could make a good living. So what do you need to do?


You need to first, identify the kind of service that you are going to offer to your client. You might want to think about the following:

  • Blog posting service 
  • Article writing service 
  • Website text service 
  • Product review service 
  • Editorial content service 
  • Video editing and creation 
  • Video submission 
  • Article submission
There are so many ways you could make money with web content services you just have to know what is your strongest skill. Even if you are not proficient in any of these things, you could think about outsourcing the work that you do get. For example if you decided to go down the route of simple article writing, you could either do the work yourself, or you could outsource to countries where you might be able to get a bit more for your money. Okay, most people are going to think of sweat shop, but to be honest many writers in countries like the Phillapines can make a good living as content providers as they dollar or the pound stretches a lot further over there. Therefore; if you are considering going down the outsourcing route for simple tasks like this then this would be your best bet. You could sign up with companies like Odesk  or Elance . I will go into further detail about these things another time. However; you get my point right? There is a lot of money to be made esepcially when it comes to writing online. You just have to use your head! Use your initative and start building up a business for yourself at very little cost. 

Once I know what I want to do How do I start? 

Once you know what you want to do you can start off with one service and then branch out further down the track. You don't even need a website straight away, you can join O desk or Elance and start hiring people and looking for work immediately. Bare in mind though, you do have to take a test to join each site, the test is pretty easy though, as all the answers are there for the taking. You also get a few chances  to take it so there is nothing to worry about in that department.  If you want to grab clients in another way you can consider paid and free advertising in the form of offline adverts in newspapers and magazines, online adverts on specified ad sites such as Craiglist or Vivastreet . You can even consider paying for pay per click advertising, this kind of advertising can be costly though. I have tried it out myself and I ended up paying ridiculous money for very little gains.  It does work for some people though, but it just didn't work for me. 

Get yourself a site 

Once you have gained a few clients and you have started building up your business, I would suggest getting yourself a website. There are so many cheap deals out there for website hosting and domain names such as Go Daddy, they have some simple easy to follow deals on there. So, you don't have to be a technical wizard to use their service. Once you have your service site up and running, you need to think about marketing.  One of the most effective ways of marketing a website is through article marketing . If you don't know anything about this you can get the gist of it by clicking the link above. Or, you can wait and check out the article marketing tutorial I am going to be putting up in the next few days. 

For now start something today, because you can realistically make a substantial amount of money offering web content services. Whether concerntrate on web content services UK or web content services America, you can still make money. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Keyword Academy: The Most Straightforward Way to Make Money Online

I just had to do this post, I couldn't help myself. One of my very good clients told me about this website called The Keyword Academy, I have joined a few programs in the past to help to get things straight with the online side of my business. I have found that the majority of these so called Make Money Online  programs are just a waste of time. This site however; got me thinking, my client is a very trustworthy fellow so I thought why not? Anyway I joined this site a couple of days ago, and get this they offer you a free trial, yes free trial! Your eyes are not deceiving you. They give you 30 days free in order for you to see that it is possible to Make Money Online. They give you all the tools you would need for free, so you get to see their method of making money.

So What is The Keyword Academy? 

The Keyword Academy is run by two successful Internet marketers who go by the names of Mark and Court. They are the most down to earth people you will every come come in contact with. They are not rude and arrogant because they have had some level of success, they are very approachable and offer an open inbox policy as well. Anyway, the site offers a $33 a month membership that you can pay via PayPal and for that money you get so much information. My advice to anyone would be, forget all the other programs that tell you how to make money online, yes simply forget them. You need to focus on one method and one method only. You don't need any other information. There is so much information it is unreal, there are a wealth of webinars, e books, articles and anything else you need to make money. There are also a plethora of other fellow online money makers who are always ready to help you in the forums too. One of the main things I love  about The Keyword Academy is this, Postrunner, it is simply amazing. There are a thousand, if not more blogs and directories in the system that you can submit your articles to for article marketing purposes. Let me tell you, I have gotten so much out of it so far in just a couple of days. I have seen a major jump in my earnings for the online side of my business. When I say major, I don't mean I have made a million in a couple of days. I mean that I have managed to see a jump in my earnings, and it has been a nice jump. I am still learning a lot though.

What Can You Gain? 

You gain so much from the Keyword Academy, they give you the simplest way of finding the best and most profitable keywords. They also give you so much information on the best way of using those keywords to actually make money on the Internet. I must say that a lot of the stuff they are saying may seem foreign to some people. I say some people, because a lot of SEO, well so called SEO experts say certain things that are just quite frankly wrong.  Their whole method I personally think is right, I would challenge anyone who says it is not right.

Who can The Keyword Academy Help? 

The Keyword Academy can help anyone who wants to make money online. If you are a writer, and you do most of your writing for the web, say for example revenue share sites. Even if you use your blog to showcase your writing skills, you can make money from their methods. If you have been struggling to make money online for years, and you are about to give up. Please I implore you to go ahead and start learning Mark and Court's way of doing Internet marketing.  I personally think that anyone who has a website, could gain from this. Anyone who wants to learn how effectively market the products on their website can do so by sitting tight and listening to what these guys have to say. I am going to say this now and please don't quote me on it, actually you can quote me on it. I am never going to get another program again that claims to help you maximise your online earnings. I am sticking with The Keyword Academy, I have used UAW which to be honest is working for me really well. Oh for those of you who don't know what UAW is, it is Unique Article Wizard.. I have had no problems with it, however; it does not teach you how to make money online really, it just helps you to carry out your Article Marketing . I am finding Postrunner to be very effective, and personally I think you could probably use the two of them combined. I have heard a lot of different feedback when it comes to UAW but I have found it to be ok. So on that note, what else do I have to say about Keyword Academy?

Final Thoughts 

The Keyword Academy, is nothing short of wonderful. I think it could quite possibly be the only resource that you will ever need for making money online. If you are an online writer, get it! If you are a blogger get it! If you are just point blank trying to sell something online and you are just not selling anything, get it! Well when I say get it, I mean join, really you have nothing to lose because you can start learning without having to pay a penny. I  have set challenges a few times when it comes to writing online and some people join and some people don't but this one challenge I am setting right now and that is, join and start working towards actually achieving your online money making goals! The Keyword Academy, I don't have to say anything else. Oh and  if I have said too much, well sorry! lol.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is a White Paper Writer?

When it comes to writing there are tons of ways of making money. One of the ways is to be a white paper writer. Alot of people I have spoken to don't even know what a white paper writer is or what they do. First off we need to actually know what a white paper is.

What is a white paper?
The term white paper was actually coined in the 1920's. To my understanding it came about in the UK when government officials used this term to distinguish between two types of policy book. One with a white cover and one with a blue cover. The term white paper became very popular in the Information Technology industry and it still is. The Internet has totally changed how white papers are distributed now and the definition of a white paper has evolved over the years. One of the most well known white paper authors, Gordon Graham states that white papers are;

Monday, January 10, 2011

Free E Book at Writing Hustler

Hey readers! Just wanted to throw in a tiny post about the free e book. If you look over to the right hand side you will see that if you sign up you can get a free e book. If you are already signed up and you didn't get the free book offer then you can e mail info@intriguecopywriting and we can surely send you one over. The book is great and tells you how to carry out organic marketing and make it stick basically.

Increase Your Blogs Alexa Ranking with Unique Article Wizard

Wassup readers! Good afternoon and good day! This morning I woke up to a very pleasant surprise. I have been working on getting things moving with my new blog (well revamped blog) and to my surprise I woke up this morning to find that my hard work is actually paying off. I boosted my Alexa ranking in just under a week from 12 million and something to five million and something.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I have discovered the secret

I have discovered the secret and I want you, my readers to watch this space and see what happens in the next few weeks. I have discovered the secret to make millions, not thousands as an online writer. Shall I share it with you? I want to share it with you but to be honest I need to carry out a few things myself before I share it with you. You know I am always talking about article marketing right?

Give your business a boost with search engine optimisation

Today, almost everyone has a website. Every online writer can benefit from SEO services Everyone and every business want to take advantage of the wonders the World Wide Web can provide. There's no question that the Internet draws in individuals. Anyone who has an Internet connection can view your website. That is, if you can compete with numerous other web sites out there that are also crying for the public's attention. That is why you need SEO services.

Friday, January 7, 2011

You can Make a Bit of Money Writing for Bukisa

I am a major fan of revenue share sites,why? Because it is good starting point for anyone who wants to make money from Writing. Most of these sites already have established traffic. Therefore you will find it a lot easier to earn from your articles. You also get a chance to network, meet people who you might not have met before, and you will get the opportunity to really make a name for yourself.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Intrigue's Article Marketing Services

Good Morning readers!! I hope you are having a fine and productive day today! OK as you should know by now Writing Hustler is part of Intrigue Media Group. We have a copywriting company and we own a network of content sites and blogs. Intrigue Copywriting offers various services and one of them is,article marketing. If you don't know by now article marketing is a very effective way of promoting your online business.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Secret to Making Piles of Cash Writing Articles

Today I was talking to an old friend of mine, his name is Dr Swanson. He has been making lots of money in the past few years. His business is basically online publishing. He manages to get content sites into the top page rankings on Google. Most people want this, don't you want this?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Make money writing articles from home: By placing free ads

Remember I talked about how anyone can make money writing articles at home yesterday? I also said I would leave the long list of how you could start making money from home to another time. OK well here I am going to tell you how you could make money writing articles from home by putting no money down at all. You don't have to buy an e book to tell you how to make money. You don't have to pay for advertising to start working. You don't have to put any money down everything is free. So let me tell you what to do.

Get your ad wording right!

You only need a small very precise and to the point advert, here is an example.

Do you need short to the point articles to promote your business? We can provide, short concise articles for article marketing purposes. We can leave you with the time to focus on other areas of your business. Call us today.

This is an example of a simple advert you can place to start getting prospects. Where can you promote your business?

Free advertising site
Free ads
Global ads

There are many more,you see you don't have to spend a penny and you could get started right away.

Do you need a portfolio?

Well some prospects will ask to see work samples. You can write simple and to the point article marketing pieces without having to put too much effort into it. Here is an example of a simple to the point article marketing piece. The power of positive thinking. I wrote this article to promote a piece I did on Triond. You see there are so many ways of making money through writing articles for article marketing pieces. Triond is a revenue share website. The potential for money making is limitless with this site. You just have to know how to market your articles. Anyway that is another story. All you need to do is write a couple of articles that are similar to the style of the piece in the example. Once you have done that you can get started. You see you don't even need a website, if you want to set one up somewhere along the line then that is fine. However; for now you don't need one, once you start getting more clients you will realise that you might need some kind of web presence. What else do you need?

You are going to need a paypal account to take payments, this is the most popular way of receiving payments online. So most people should have one.

Anyway until the next time! I am going to tell you how much you should be charging for your articles to start off with.

So long for now and remember keep the faith and stay positive. For a short article marketing tutorial go here: Article Marketing

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anyone can make money writing articles

Well the new year is already here. 2011 is well under way. I was talking to a friend of mine this morning and she was complaining that she had no money and that she is really stressed out about money at the moment. I told her that there are ways of making money,she looked at me like I was crazy, and said "how? I am doing anything illegal." I quickly told her that she does not have to do anything illegal to make a quick buck. I pointed her in the direction of article writing and she said, "I can't write." Well, I am sure you get where I am coming from. Anyone can make money writing simple articles. Did you know there are thousands of small companies, home based businesses, such as affiliate marketers that are desperate for article writers? When I say article writers I don't mean New York Times journalists. I mean people that can write basic English.

Why can anyone make money?

Anyone can make money because there is an endless pot of clients. Writing simple articles is pretty much a goldmine. I am going to tell you why, have you heard of article marketing? Well I am sure you have. Small companies, affiliate marketers and anyone who wants to make money using a website needs articles for article marketing purposes. Article marketing is a highly effective way of marketing anything online. There are plenty of marketers who use software to generate thousands of articles. However; there are also marketers who want the article writing done properly. This is where you come in. Some professional writers might frown upon article marketing work. However you can make quick money, so if you want quick money then you can make money writing articles for online marketers. These articles are mainly for backlink purposes so they don't have to be written like a professional writer would write them. Do you see where I am coming from with this? Anyone can make a part time home based income as well as a full time income. Once you realise that content writing is a gold mine you can stop the rat race and sit at home and start making a living for yourself.

How to get started?

People ask me this question all the time and I always end up giving them a long list of ways to start. I am going to leave the long list to another post in the not so distant future. I am just going to say to you that it is not so hard to get started. You will be so shocked when I show you exactly what you need to do to start making money from the comfort of your own home.