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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogger from my tablet

Okay, I have been having major issues with using the blogger for android app. However, I finally managed to get it working. I am testing it out and really like it. I have used it on the iPhone a few times however, I did not enjoy the experience. I am finding blogger for android to be seamless. It never freezes and it seems to be really easy to use. Now I can blog a lot easier on the mive without pulling out my laptop. Posting on the go is an enjoyable experience, and is excellent for news bloggers. I use wordpress for the majority of Intrigue Media's sites. For our online music mag, blogging on the go is perfect because we can document news and entermainment events in real time as they happen. No waiting around to find a place to plug in the laptop, we can get it done and be the first to get the story online.

This is just a test but I will be blogging a lot more using my android tablet on the move. Thanks for reading !

Edina Jackson

Intrigue Media

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