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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can you Make Money with Google Sniper ?

What is Google Sniper?

If you are a newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing you might not have heard of Google Sniper. If you do not know what Google Sniper is, here is an explanation. The program was set up by a young man from the UK called George Brown. He was only 17 years old when he set up the program. after being a furniture delivery boy and spending thousands on affiliate programs that did not work. He set up his own, he worked tirelessly researching the best methods of making money online as an affiliate marketer. Eventually he managed to come up with a system that worked for him. He began earning thousands every week, he then decided to put the program together and allow other people to purchase it. It is basically an e course, that explains in detail how you can learn to make a full time income from home. The question that most people ask is this, can you make money from Google Sniper? So let us answer that question.

Can you Really Make Money Using Google Sniper?
The answer to that question is, yes you can make money by implementing some of the strategies in this e course. However, you must bare in mind that this program is not a piece of software that can make it easy to make money overnight. It is an course that tells you the best way of making money from affiliate marketing. So what is the method? Most people who have become successful in affiliate marketing will know this method, but George teaches you step by step how to pick the right keywords, how to set up your site, and how to rank high on Google and make real money with affiliate links.
What is the Method?
The method is basically to set up various mini websites focusing on one keyword. The best keywords are specific products. Instead of opting for setting up a site with a broad range of keywords and phrases. George says that you can make money by setting up a series of small sites which are anything from 1 to 3 pages in length. With these sites you can rank high on Google and start to see some money coming in. It does sound easy right? The thing is, the reason why most people fail with affiliate marketing is because it takes too long, they want the money now or they do not have the patience to put everything into practice. They basically fall at the last hurdle and move on to something else. However, if you stick at it and put the strategies into practice you can make money from it. I am yet to make money because I was just asked to test the product a couple of weeks ago. I am not a an affiliate marketer, I was just approached to test it and see how it worked for me, so that I could give a real life testimonial of how it worked for me.
This is it.....
  • If you read through the whole product
  • Watch all the videos
  • Put all the strategies
  • Believe in yourself and do not quit
You will be able to make money with affiliate marketing. However, if you start and stop in a couple of days or weeks you will not make any money. So far my verdict on Google Sniper is, there is a possibility that it does work because I just set up a new site this afternoon as part of the test and within about two hours of setting it up, I did see over 50 views on the site and I had not even done any promo at all. Therefore, I think that this product does carry some weight, I just have to wait and see how it works out for me.

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