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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building activities 
In recent years, management theory has developed  substantially. In years gone by, companies focused on building corporations that were competitive rather than team driven. However, in recent years the focus has shifted; from a more competitively focused organisation, to a team focused one. The emphasis has been placed on team building, with corporations spending millions on team building exercises. These team building exercises are designed to increase productivity, encourage creativity and improve company morale.

Improving Productivity
More often than none, team building exercises are designed to improve productivity. The aim is to encourage staff members to work more effectively as a team. When each individual can work more effectively as a team, statistics have shown that it improves general productivity. This enables the company to save time, and hit specified targets.
Increase Motivation
Team building exercises can drastically increase employee motivation in a number of ways. One of the number one reasons this happens is, an increase in confidence. When team members work hard to achieve a goal, and that goal is achieved, they become more confident in every aspect of the job. Employees also feel more motivated because the company is demonstrating that they are willing to invest in the success of staff members. Team members can also encourage each other to work harder, and hit targets.
Improves Problem Solving Ability
Team building exercises usually involve a problem that has to be solved as a team. These activities can teach specific problem solving skills which can be easily transferred to the workplace. Team members identify problems and obstacles, they then seek ways to remove those obstacles in order to solve the problem. They often work together to remove barriers in order for them to achieve a specific goal.
Encourages Creativity

Team building exercises encourage creativity within the workplace. These activities usually take the employee out of their comfort zone, taking them out of the workplace, providing them with a task to carry out that does not necessarily relate to their profession. This allows the employee to think of ways in which they can solve the problem creatively. This creativity can then be transferred to the workplace. 



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